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Swiveller's Cribbage Testimonials

It's easy to use, has different difficulty levels, is great for beginners and advanced players, and includes the rules, history, and other neat info about the game.

Best computer cribbage game I've ever tried. You can even set the computer up to muggins. Good for the beginner and the expert alike.
"Great game"

"Good companion for a challenging game."
Worth the registration for a challenging game, good graphics, and automatic hand count for hours of fun in expert or beginner mode. Helpful hints if you're stuck on what to toss in the crib. Good if you enjoy Cribbage and don't have someone to play.

'I have played a number of different cribbage games on the internet and the Swiveller's Cribbage game is in my opinion the best. It is realistic in all respects and I particularly like the way that it deals, pegs and tries, occasionally to cheat, which really 'keeps you on your toes' to check the pegging and call the correct score'.
Phil Tipler B.SC. FRICS MBEng

The Marchioness, holding her cards tight in both hands, considered which to play. Taken from 'The Old Curiosity Shop' by Charles Dickens.

Play Swiveller's Cribbage for free and play the popular card game testing your skill against the computer.
It is suitable for beginners or experts alike and has an online help that teaches the cribbage rules and how to play a good game and has options that allow you to:
ask the computer for a hint,
replay the previous hand,
choose your own hand,
l let the computer determine your score
or play Muggins.

You can even play Duplicate Cribbage and view the log of previous moves.

With this version you can:

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