Malvern College Second World War Casualty

Major George Peter Henshall M.C.

House and time at Malvern: 5, 1935 - 1939.

Regiment: Lancs. Fusiliers.
Died: 07 December 1945 aged 23 in Austria. Accidentally drowned.
Cemetery: Klagenfurt War Cemetery 4. E. 3.

Son of Frank and Agnes Maud Henshall, of Prestatyn, Flintshire.
Army VI.
Sandhurst 1939.
Accidentally drowned on active service in Austria.

'On the night of the 23/24th (October 1944?) Capt Henshall was commanding D Coy 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers during the attack on Pt 380 and M. Spaduro, when almost on Pt 380, on the capture of which depended the success of the whole operation, D Coy, leading coy, came under heavy MG fire at 20 yds range. At once the leading Pl Comd and 5 men were hit and the attack faltered. At once Capt Henshall appreciated the position and armed only with a pistol rushed to the head of his coy and led a furious charge onto the objective sweeping aside all opposition. Shortly afterwards the coy was counter-attacked. Capt Henshall personally organised the defence from a most exposed position continually shouting orders and encouragement to his men. The posn was held. The coy remained on the posn for a further five days continually subjected to enemy shelling and mortar fire and in most appalling weather conditions.
Throughout Capt Henshall showed great energy and initiative directing operations from most exposed positions and continually harassing the enemy with every means at his disposal.
By his complete disregard for his own safety and his unfailing initiative, energy and cheerfulness in the most difficult conditions this officer contributed greatly to the success of the Bn operation and was an unfailing example and source of inspiration.'
MC Citation WO-373_11_440