Malvern College Second World War Casualty

S/Ldr. Cyril Douglas Bennett

House and time at Malvern: 6, 1912 - 1917.

Regiment: R.A.F..
Died: 26 August 1945 aged 47 in Germany. Died in Germany.
Cemetery: Munster Heath War Cemetery 3. D. 14.

Son of Reginald Henry and Frances Octavia Bennett, c/o Miller & Co, Moscow
School Prefect.
1914-18. Lieut. R.F.C.
In business in Riga.
Husband of Marjorie Bennett.

In the First World War on 14 February 1917 he was with 2 Squadron RFC on artillery observation at around 1100 when they were jumped by Baron Von Richthofen (the Red Baron) who opened fire at 50m and then fired ‘several hundred’ rounds at his machine BE2 26231, until it crashed in the German trenches near Cite St Auguste. 2nd Lieutenant Herbert Arthur Croft was killed and 2nd Lieutenant Cyril Douglas Bennett was captured but seriously injured.