Malvern College Second World War Casualty

P/O. John Alfred Parry

House and time at Malvern: Sch, 1929 - 1933.

Regiment: R.A.F..
Died: 09 April 1941 aged in . Missing, presumed killed in action.
Cemetery: Runnymede Memorial Panel 34.

Son of Alfred Henry Parry and of Beatrice Elizabeth Parry (nee Fairbairn), Parasia P.O., Central Provinces, India.
Sci. V.
In business (Anglo-Iranian Oil Co.).
Husband of Margery Cunningham Parry (nee Work), of Ashtead, Surrey.

254 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
The unit operated Bristol Blenheims, and in 1941 introduced torpedos and primarily operated in an anti-shipping role.

'The aircraft, F.B. Blenheim N.3609 with Pilot Officer J.A. Parry as pilot, took off from RAF Sumburgh, Shetlands, on a Day Patrol at 12.45 on the 9th April 1941 to gain experience with another aircraft Blenheim V.5736 in carrying out a reconnaissance of the Norwegian coast. The two aircraft after completing the reconnaissance, set course for base and were about four miles from the Norwegian Coast when three Me 110s appeared, closing rapidly from astern. Both aircraft took evasive action; Blenheim N.3609 passed the other and disappeared into cloud, Blenheim V.5736 also resorted to cloud cover. When Blenheim V.5736 appeared a few minutes later, there was no aircraft visible, so continued on course to base. At 15.35 hours, approximately 50 miles from base, Blenheim V.5736 heard Blenheim N.3609 calling base. Blenheim V.5736 landed at 16.00 hours.
When Blenheim N.3609 was two hours overdue, five Blenheims were despatched on organised parallel search for approximately 90 miles along track between base and point of leaving Norwegian coast. Speedboat from Lerwick co-operated. Nothing was sighted.
The crew of the missing aircraft was P/O J.A. Parry - Pilot, P/O C.G. Gibson - Observer, Sgt R.K. West - W/Op/A.G.'
Missing report: Air 81/5780