Malvern College Second World War Casualty

Lt.-Cdr. Peter Ross

House and time at Malvern: 1, 1920 - 1923.

Regiment: R.N..
Died: 14 October 1940 aged 34 in . Killed on active service.
Cemetery: Chatham Naval Memorial 34,1

Son of Capt. Arthur J. Ross and Baroness de Ros, of Old Court, Strangford, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.
H.M.S. Liverpool, Royal Navy.

The following personal tribute from Viscount Bangor is taken from The Times:
'No one who knew Peter Ross can have read the notice of his having given his life in the service of his country without feelings of the deepest regret. He had such a friendly and lovable disposition, and was beloved universally. Few men can have been so popular among people of all classes. He was especially popular among those of his old home in Ireland, who all adored him. Ross was educated at Malvern College, and then he entered the Royal Naval Engineering College, Keyham. He had a good share of foreign service in the Mediterranean and China and also at Bermuda and on the Pacific Coast of North America. His last ship was H.M.S. Liverpool, and he took an active part in her fitting out on the Clyde before proceeding in her to the East Indian Station, and subsequently to the Mediterranean.
Peter Ross enjoyed his life to the full, and his enthusiasm for that branch of his profession in which he served was unbounded. He was never happier than when tuning up motor engines for racing, and he was a very fine mechanic. At the same time he was quite at home in a sailing boat, and had a good share of success racing in the smaller classes. He was very clever at drawing and sketching, and his work showed that he must have spent many hours of study to obtain so high a standard. Whatever his hand found to do he did with all his might, but his profession came first, and it may be safely said that he would rather have lost his life doing his duty for his King and country than in any other way. Peter Ross was in many respects unique. His loss will leave a blank in the lives of his many friends who knew and loved him.'