Malvern College Second World War Casualty

Capt. Glen Robert Douglas Stares

House and time at Malvern: 4, 1925 - 1928.

Regiment: R.A..
Died: 17 June 1942 aged in Egypt. Killed in action.
Battle: Western Desert Campaign: June 1940 February 1943. Cemetery: Alamein Memorial Column 31.

Son of William Glen Stares and Gertrude Grace Stares, Manor House, Upham, Hants.
House Prefect.
3 Field Regt. Royal Artillery

'16th June 1942. El Adem. Enemy shelling early fairly heavy. CO - Lieut Col P.H. Teesdale wounded but refuses to leave.
15:00 - Brigade is to hold the box to the last man and the last round.
21:30 - Orders received to evacuate at 15 minutes notice. No preparations had been made and transport is fatally short.
17th June - Regiment re-assembled at Kennels East of Libyan Frontier. 5 guns only saved.
Captains G.R.D. Stares and another officer believed killed, with 4 officers believed P.O.W.'
Unit war diary: WO 169/4574