Malvern College Second World War Casualty

Capt. Thomas Foster Chamberlain

House and time at Malvern: 6, 1931 - 1935.

Regiment: Durham L.I..
Died: 24 October 1942 aged 25 in Egypt. Killed in action near El Alamein.
Battle: Western Desert Campaign: June 1940 February 1943. Cemetery: El Alamein War Cemetery XXV. D. 2.

Son of Thomas Arthur and Frances Mary Chamberlain, of Failand, Somerset, and of Belmont House, Flax Bourton, Nr. Bristol.
Army V. House Prefect.
6th Bn. Durham Light Infantry

'Alam Nayil, El Mireir. Night 24th/25th October 1942
A Strong patrol went out under Capt. Chamberlain and Lieut A.H.Sandwith. The patrol went West through JARROW Gap, then South along the West edge of the DON minefield. As it was approaching the small minefield leg at 87952662 our patrol was suddenly heavily fired on at short range from the West corner of the small minefield by 2 L.M.Gs. and several Sub Machine Guns several members of the patrol were at once wounded including Capt. Chamberlain and Lieut. Sandwith. An Italian Officer then rushed forward with two other men shouting "Surrender" in English. He threw a grenade but was then shot down by rifle fire. Our patrol, which was in a very unfavourable position, then had to withdraw, and when a check had been made it was found that there were two members of the patrol missing: the patrol commander Capt. T.ff. Chamberlain, and a Sapper from 505 Fd. Coy. R.E who accompanied the patrol. Several men were slightly wounded, Lieut Sandwith and one O.R. were evacuated to hospital. A strong patrol under Capt. J. H. Chapman was sent out at once to try and find Capt. Chamberlain and the Sapper, and also to contact and destroy the enemy patrol. No sign could however be found of the missing officer and sapper, or of the enemy.'
Unit war diary: WO 169/5007