Malvern College Second World War Casualty

Lieut. Patrick Anthony Clement Everitt

House and time at Malvern: Sch, 1930 - 1935.

Regiment: Norfolk Regt..
Died: 09 January 1940 aged in Germany. Died of wounds.
Cemetery: Rheinberg War Cemetery 13. E. 3.

Son of Sir Clement Everitt (§ 92) Kt., and of Lady Everitt (nee Croxeter), of Highmoor, Sheringham, Norfolk.
Army V. School Prefect. Athletic Colours. Ledbury Cap. House Colours Football. Sergeant in Corps.
2nd Bn. Royal Norfolk Regiment

'We have received the following tribute from a friend of the family:— Lieutenant Everitt—in charge of a party sent out to observe the enemy—was well ahead of his men when he fell under a heavy burst of machine-gun fire. After taking cover, his men made every effort to reach the spot where he fell, but the German fire was so heavy that it was not until dusk that a patrol was able to advance. They found the spot where he had fallen, but the enemy, in the mist, had carried the wounded man back to their lines. From the German side it has now been reported that Lieutenant Everitt, in spite of every medical attention, died of loss of blood two days after, and was buried with full military honours by the enemy.
"The Young—the Beautiful—the Brave." All true, of Tony Everitt. His character was as fine as his physical gifts. No mother ever had a more loving or devoted son: no comrade a truer friend. Always smiling, sympathetic, courteous, he was as brave as a lion; and he radiated happiness round him. He had a deep religious sense, and his sympathy with those in sorrow was wonderful to those whom he helped. His life was clean, happy, fine and generous. How sad that such a lovely promise has been cut short.
From his preparatory school, where he won the Athletic Championship, he went to Malvern. Never brilliant, but always hard working, he entered Sandhurst well up on the list, after having been President of Athletics and winner of the Mile at Malvern. He was a model Junior Under Officer and got his Athletic Blue, and gained his great ambition when gazetted to his own County's Regiment, the Royal Norfolks. He fell facing the enemy, as he wished. "Qui ante diem periit, Sed Miles, sed pro Patria."' (Malvernian, Apr 1940).

Unit war diary: WO 167/794