Malvern College Second World War Casualty

F/Lt. Lord Auckland

House and time at Malvern: 7, 1908 - 1912.

Regiment: R.A.F..
Died: 16 April 1941 aged 46 in England. Killed in an air-raid on London.
Battle: The Blitz: September 1940 May 1941. Cemetery: Brookwood Memorial And Cemetery 25. A. 17.

Son of William Morton Eden, 5th Baron Auckland, and of Lady Auckland (nee Hutton).
Husband of Lady Auckland (nee Hart).

'Frederick Colvin George Eden (7.12), Sixth Baron Auckland, was killed in an air-raid on London in April, 1941. He was an Associate of the Institution of Naval Architects, an expert on the taming of wild animals and an air pilot. In the last war he served as a flying instructor. At the outbreak of the present war he joined the R.A.F.V.R. and last year was assistant to the Air Attache in Paris.' (Malvernian, Jul 1941).

'Heavy Casualties and considerable damage were sustained in Wednesday night's air attack on London. The raid, which lasted for almost the whole duration of the hours of darkness, was the most fierce ever delivered on the capital.
The German High Command describes it as a 'reprisal for the British raid on Berlin and Potsdam' last week, and Nazi spokesmen refer to it as of 'hitherto unheard-of dimensions.' The Germans claim that a hundred thousand incendiary bombs were dropped.
Among prominent people killed were Lord Stamp, Chief Economic Adviser, and Lord Auckland, a former Assistant to the British Air Attache in Paris.'
(Dumfries and Galloway Standard, 19 April 1941).

Gravestone photograph
Brookwood military cemetery