Welcome to the Russian Dictionary Test in Frequency word order

Here you can test yourself on how well you know the most common or not so common words of the Russian language. You can choose to concentrate on words with a frequency ranking of less than 1000, less than 2000 or up to 6000, and within those words opt to just show nouns, adjectives, verbs or adverbs.

You can also view a word's morphology (how it declines/conjugates) and the word in context in a newspaper article, and compare how you are doing with other people in the User Ranking table.

The Frequency word list is based on the book 'Russian Learners Dictionary. 10,000 words in Frequency Order' by Nicholas J. Brown.

If you know the most common 6000 words then you should be able to recognise over 90% of the words in any general text.

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