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Birth: ABT 871 Father: Alfred The Great Mother:Ealhswith
Married: Ecqwyn
Children Born Died
Edith of England 937
Alfred of England UNKNOWN
Æthelstan of England 894 27 OCT 939
Married: AElflaeda BEF 901
Children Born Died
Elgiva of England ABT 912 UNKNOWN
Editha of England ABT 910 UNKNOWN
Ethile of England ABT 908 UNKNOWN
Ethelhilda of England ABT 906 UNKNOWN
AElflaeda of England ABT 903 UNKNOWN
Edgifu of Wessex ABT 904 UNKNOWN
Edwin of England ABT 902 UNKNOWN
Ethelwerd of England ABT 900 UNKNOWN
Married: Edgiva 919 Wessex, England
Children Born Died
Eadred of England ABT 924 UNKNOWN
Edgiva of England ABT 920 UNKNOWN
Edmund I of England ABT 922 26 MAY 946
Edburth of England ABT 918 UNKNOWN
Death: 924
Remarks: Edward I, the Elder (900-24 AD)

Son of Alfred the Great, Edward immediately succeeded his father to the throne. His main achievement was to use the military platform created by his father to bring back, under English control, the whole of the Danelaw, south of the Humber River.

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