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Emma Ogden nee Knott

Emma Knott
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BEF 21 APR 1850 Prestwich, Lancashire, England
James Knott
Mary Bleackley
21 APR 1850 Prestwich, Lancashire, England
James Ogden 27 MAY 1882 Prestwich Parish Church
Mary Beatrice Ogden
Born: 23 MAY 1886 Prestwich, Lancashire, England
Died: 16 NOV 1963 Wilmslow, Cheshire
Dorothy Ogden
Born: 16 DEC 1892 Prestwich, Lancashire, England
Died: 25 AUG 1980
20 MAY 1927 Prestwich aged 77
Living at Clough farm, Clough Lane, Prestwich in 1861 age 11.
Living at Highfield, Guest Road, Prestwich in 1891.
In 1891 had two servants:
Ann Harris - Servant - 17 - Cook, Domestic servant
Emma Street - Servant - 17 - Housemaid
In 1901 had two servants:
Amy Mason - Servant 26 Housemaid - Domestic
Elizabeth Jones - Servant 21 Cook - Domestic

Transcript of letter to Emma from her vicar on passing her examinations.

The Residence
Jan 22nd 1870

Dear Emma Knott,

I am very glad indeed to hear by your letter received this morning, that you have passed your examinations so successfully. It is very exciting both to yourself and Miss Hulme, and I sincerely hope that you may prosper during your residence at Warrington. You must try to maintain the honour of your native village, and to gain fresh distinction. That a much happier lot is yours than that of many girls, who at your time of life throw off all restraint, and think only of amusement and dress.

By God's helping a useful career is now before you. That he may vouchsafe his blessing, and keep you in the path of virtue, from that so many young women go astray, is the heartfelt wish of your rector,

Henry M Birch
Emma Ogden nee Knott

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