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Robert "The King's Son" Caen
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ABT 1090 Caen, Calvados, France
Henry I Beauclerc (King of England 1100-1135)
Edith Fitzforne
Maud Fitzhamon ABT 1115 Gloucestershire, England
Roger Fitzrobert
Born: ABT 1112 Of Bristow, Gloucestershire, England
Died: 9 AUG 1179 Tours, Indre-Et-Loire, Touraine/Centre, France
Hamon Fitzrobert
Born: ABT 1116 Of Bristow, Gloucestershire, England
Died: Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France
William "Mafonache" Fitzrobert
Born: 23 NOV 1116 Gloucestershire, England
Died: 23 NOV 1183 Cardiff Castle, Glamorganshire, Wales
Maud Fitzrobert De Caen
Born: ABT 1117 Gloucestershire, England
Died: 29 JUL 1189 Chester, Cheshire, England
Christian Of Gloucester
Born: ABT 1118 Bristol, Gloucestershire, Eng
Mabel Fitzrobert
Born: ABT 1118 Of Bristow, Gloucestershire, England
Robert Castellan Of Gloucester
Born: ABT 1120 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Died: AFT 1160
Philip Fitzrobert Lord De Grey
Born: ABT 1122 Wooton Basset & Broadtown, Wiltshire, England
Died: 1167 England
Richard Fitzrobert
Born: ABT 1126 Of Cruelly, Normandy, France
Died: 1175
Emma De Mortaigne
Born: ABT 1157
Maud D' Avranches ABT 1162 England
Maud Fitzedith
Born: ABT 1163 Du Sap, Normandy, France
Died: 1224 (Dsp)
31 OCT 1147 Bristol, Gloucestershire, Eng aged 57
Name Suffix: 1st Earl Of Gloucester
Ancestral File Number: V9V7-BV
1 NAME Robert /Fitzroy/
2 GIVN Robert
2 SURN Fitzroy
2 NSFX 1st Earl OfGloucester
1 NAME Robert /Fitzroy/
2 GIVN Robert
2 SURN Fitzroy
1 NAMERobert (Earl Of Gloucester) /De Caen/
2 GIVN Robert (Earl Of Gloucester)
2 SURN De Caen

[From Burke's Peerage-see source for details]

An undoubted Earl of Gloucester, perhaps the first authentic one, at any rate after the Conquest, is Robert FitzHamon's son-in-law, another Robert, who was an illegitimate son of Henry I and was so created 1122. The Earldom passed to his eldest son, William FitzRobert, and from him to John, later King John and husband from 1189 to 1199 (when he divorced her) of Isabel, the youngest of William FitzRobert's three daughters. On John's coming to the throne the title did not merge in the Crown for it was not his in his own right but in right of his wife.

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