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Nesta Verch Rhys
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1073 Deheubarth, Wales
Henry I Beauclerc (King of England 1100-1135) ABT 1099 No Marriage
Maud Princess Of England
Born: 1086 England
Died: DECEASED Drowned In Wreck Of The White Ship Along With Prince William
Henry Fitzhenry
Born: ABT 1105 Of Narberth & Pebidiog, Wales
Died: 1157 Anglesey, Wales
BEF 1136 aged 62
Name Suffix: Heiress Of Carew
Ancestral File Number: 8XJ2-WR
Nest (who also [in addition to Gerald fitz Walter] had by Stephen, Constable of Cardigan, a son (Robert fitz Stephen) and by Henry I another son (Henry, killed 1158, father of Meiler fitz Henry), daughter of Rhys ap Tudor Mawr, Prince of South Wales. [Burke's Peerage, p. 1679]

Known as the most beautiful woman in Wales. She had many lovers. In Christmas 1108 Owain ap Cadwgan of Cardigan came to visit Gerald and Nesta. He so lusted after her that he, that night, attacked the castle and carried her off and had his way with her. This upset Henry I [King of England] so much that the incident started a war. was stunningly beautiful, called the Helen of Wales. She was thedaughterof the last king of indenpendent Deheubarth, she was themistress of Henry I, king of England,and had a son by him Robert DeCarn, Earl of Dorchester and Gloucester. Henry I took the throne awayfrom his brother in 1100. She was the wife of Gerald de Windsor,Constable of Pembroke, she was romantically abducted by Owain apCadwgan,son of the Prince of Powys, and is generally supposed to have had anynumber of other romantic liaisons. She was the founder of moredynastiesthan is polite to mention. Thousands of Welsh children today arestill
refered to asNest in her honour.

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