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Name: William "Strong Hand" D' Aubigny Determine relationship to Leonor of Castile
Birth: ABT 1103 St Sauveur, Manche, Normandie, France Father: William De Aubigny Mother:Maud (Mary) Bigod
Married: Adeliza Adela Of Louvain 1138 England
Children Born Died
G Aubigny
William De Aubigny 1136 Arundel, Sussex, England 24 DEC 1193 Priory, Wymondham, Norfolk, England
Alice D' Aubigny 1137 Casti Arundel, Sussex, England 11 SEP 1188
Cecily De Arundel ABT 1140 Arundel, Sussex, England DECEASED
Olivia D' Aubigny ABT 1141 Castl Arundel, Sussex, England DECEASED
Matilda D' Aubigny ABT 1142 Arundel, Sussex, England DECEASED
Godfrey D' Aubigny ABT 1143 Castl Arundel, Sussex, England DECEASED
Simon D' Aubigny 1144 Arundel, Sussex, England 1206
Agatha D' Aubigny ABT 1147 Castl Arundel, Sussex, England DECEASED
Rayner D' Aubigny ABT 1149 Castl Arundel, Sussex, England DECEASED
Henry De Aubigny ABT 1151 Castl Arundel, Sussex, England DECEASED
Matilda De Albini ABT 1153 Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, England AFT 1210 Strathearn, Perthshire, Scotland
Death: 12 OCT 1176 Abbey, Waverley, Surrey, England
Burial: 19 OCT 1176 Priory, Wymondham, Norfolk, England
Remarks: Name Suffix: Earl Of Arundel
Ancestral File Number: V9VP-TD
1 NAME Strong /Hand/
2 GIVN Strong
2 SURN Hand

Name Suffix: [Earl of Arundel
Ancestral File Number: V9VP-TD
On the Earldom of Lincoln, previous creations: [Burke's Peerage, p. 1711]:

Henry I's widow Adeliz married in 1138 William d'Aubigny, who the next year, probably as a result, was created Earl of Lincoln. William's father was a Norman immigrant to England in Henry I'sreign. His son, who by this advantageous marriage came into the former Queen's dowry of Arundel Castle, together with its Honour (feudal administrative unitembodying several knight's fees), has been held thereby to have become Earl ofArundel. By 1142 he had been deprived of his Earldom of Lincoln, indeed even before, was spoken sometimes as Earl of Arundel and sometimes as Earl of Chichester or Earl of Sussex.

--------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- ----------

William de Albini, surnamed "William with the strong hand," from the following circumstance, as related by Dugdale:---

"It happened that the Queen of France, being then a widow, and a very beautifywoman, became much in love with a knight of that country, who was a comely person, and in the flower of his youth: and because she thought that no man excelled him in valour, she caused a tournament to be proclaimed throughout her dominions, promising to reward those who should exercise themselves therein, according to their respective demerits; and concluding that if the person whom she so well affected could act his part better than the others in those military exercises, she might marry him without any dishonour to herself. Hereupon divers gallant men, from forrain parts hastening to Paris, amongst others came this our William de Albini, bravely accoutered, and in the tournament excelled all others, overcoming many, and wounding one mortally with his lance, which being observed by the queen, she became exceedingly enamoured of him, and forthwith invitedhim to a costly banquet, and afterwards bestowing certain jewels upon him, offered him marriage; but, having plighted his troth to the Queen of England, thena widow, he refused her, whereat she grew so much discontented that she consulted with her maids how she might take away his life; and in pursuance of that design, inticed him into a garden, where there was a secret cave, and in it a fierce lion, unto which she descended by divers steps, under colour of shewing him the beast; and when she told him of its fierceness, he answered, that it was a womanish and not a manly quality to be afraid thereof. But having him there, by the advantage of a folding door, thrust him in to the lion; being therefore in this danger, he rolled his mantle about his arm and, putting his hand into the mouth of the beast, pulled out his tongue by the root; which done, he followed the queen to her palace and gave it to one of her maids to present her. Returning thereupon to England, with the fame of this glorious exploit, he was forthwith advanced to the Earldom of Arundel, and for his arms the lion given him."

He subsequently obtained the hand of the Queen Adeliza, relict of King Henry I, and daughter of Godfrey, Duke of Lorraine, which Adeliza had the castle ofArundel in dowry from the deceased monarch, and thus her new lord became its feudal earl. The earl was one of those who solicited the Empress Maud to come toEngland, and received her and her brother, Robert, Earl of Gloucester, at the port of Arundel, in August, 1139, and in three years afterwards (1142), in the report made of King Stephen's taking William de Mandevil at St. Albans, it is stated -- "that before he could be laid hold on, he underwent a sharp skirmish with the king's party, wherein the Earl of Arundel, though a stout and expert soldier, was unhorsed in the midst of the water by Walkeline de Oxeai, and almostdrowned." In 1150, his lordship wrote himself Ea

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