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Emma of Normandy
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Richard I "the Fearless" of Normandy
Gunnor of Arques
Ethelred II "the Unready" of England 5 APR 1002 Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, Hampshire, Engla
Edward III Òthe ConfessorÓ of England
Died: 5 JAN 1065/1066
Goda of England
Born: ABT 1005 Wessex, England
Died: ABT 1055 Sussex Square, London, England
6 MAR 1051/1052 Winchester, Hampshire, England

Forced back to Normandy in 1013 by the attack of Sweyn of Denmark, she was widowed in 1016. By the end of 1016, SweynÕs son Canute had killed EthelredÕs eldest son, Edmund Ironsides and taken the English crown. He also married Emma. Canute died late in 1035. His son Harold Harefoot took the throne in 1037, Emma fled to Flanders, where she stayed until 1040, returning when her son Harthacanute became King of England after Harold HarefootÕs death. Her son Edward joined them the following year, becoming king on HarthacanuteÕs death in 1042. Emma was disgraced the following year when Edward deprived her of much of her wealth. Partially restored in 1044, she seems to have retired, probably to Winchester. She died there and was buried in the Old Minster beside King Canute.

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