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William II 'Rufus' (King of England 1087-1100)
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ABT 1060 Normandy, France
William I The Conqueror (King of England 1066-1087)
Matilda de Flandre
2 AUG 1100 New Forset While Hunting aged 40
2 AUG 1100 Winchester Cathederal, Winchester, Hampshire, England
William II 'Rufus', King of England1 (M)
b. between 1056 and 1060, d. 2 August 1100, #102026

Father William I 'the Conqueror', King of England b. between 1027 and 1028, d. 9 September 1087
Mother Matilda de Flandre b. circa 1031, d. 2 November 1083

Last Edited 20 Aug 2005
Consanguinity Index 0.3%

William II 'Rufus', King of England was born between 1056 and 1060 in Normandy, France.2 He was the son of William I 'the Conqueror', King of England and Matilda de Flandre. He died on 2 August 1100 in New Forest, Hampshire, England, an 'accident' with an arrow while huntingHe may have been assassinated at the orders on of his younger brother, Henry I.2 He was buried in Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, Hampshire, England.1
William II 'Rufus', King of England also went by the nick-name of William 'Rufus' because of his red face and, like his father, he was fat.3 He succeeded to the title of King William II of England on 9 September 1087.2 He was crowned King of England on 26 September 1087 in Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England, and styled 'Dei GratiĆ¢ Rex Anglorum', crowned by Archbishop of Canterbury Llanfranc.4
William was very fond of his father and always loyal to him. He had a tendancy to stutter when excited. He won military successes in Normandy, and advanced the Norman cause in Wales as well as overcoming rebellions of his barons. The church certainly had no liking for him, a view he reciprocated. He had the reputation of being cruel, harsh, capricious and profligate and yet he was admired by many as a good soldier and leader and a generous man. His true character may be lost forever in the mists oftime.3 He has an extensive biographical entry in the Dictionary of National Biography.5

He died in a hunting accident in the New Forest.

Ancestral File Number: 8XHZ-ZQ

SURNAME: Also shown as of England

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as William Rufus

BIRTH: Also shown as Born bet 1056 - 1060

SURNAME: Also shown as England

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as William II "Rufus"

DEATH: Also shown as Died 1 Aug 1100

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