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George and Jessie Neal

George Henry Neal
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20 MAY 1886 19 Queen Anne Terrace, Battersea, London
John Summers Neal
Sarah Emily Sulis
Jessie Trapnell 28 DEC 1913 All Saints, Princes Park, Liverpool
Hilda Neal
Born: 9 AUG 1916 Toxteth Park, Lancashire
Truda Neal
Born: 19 OCT 1918 Bebington, Cheshire
Died: 23 NOV 2004 Shrewsbury, England
Jessie Neal
Born: 17 SEP 1920 Toxteth Park, Lancashire
Died: 30 DEC 2014 Shrewsbury, England
George Henry Neal
Born: 25 NOV 1923
Died: JAN 1995 Shrewsbury, England
In 1891 aged 4, he was living with his Uncle and Aunt in Toxteth Park, Liverpool:
Thomas Parry 56 (head)(died in 1897) born Liverpool
Agnes Parry 54 (wife) born Liverpool
Thomas Parry 17 (son) born Liverpool
Christina Parry 12 (daughter) born Liverpool
Henry Neal 4 (nephew) born London

In 1901 aged 15, he was still living with his Aunt:
Agnes Parry 64 (head)
Agnes Parry 43 (Daughter)
Elizabeth Parry 41 (Daughter)
Henry Neal 15 (Boarder)

On Marriage certificate described himself as a Ship's Steward.
Living in Toxteth Park (22 Princes? street).
Birth Certificate
Baptism of Georg Henry Neal at Toxteth stating that his father was dead

Marriage Certificate

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