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Name: Aeneas King of Troy Determine relationship to...
Birth: Father: Anchises Mother: Aphrodite
Married: Lavinia
Children Born Died
Aeneas-Silvius Dardania
Married: Creusa
Children Born Died
Iulus Ascanius King of AlbaLonga 1137
Burial: 110-0701629032191249120
Remarks: Homer gives the following narrative, spoken by Aeneas, regarding his lineage: (Iliad, xx)

"Learn, then, my lineage if you will--and it is known to
In the beginning Dardanus was the son of Jove, and founded Dardania, for Ilius was not yet stablished on the plain for men to dwell in, and her people still abode on the spurs of
many-fountained Ida. Dardanus had a son, king Erichthonius, who was wealthiest of all men living; he had three thousand mares that fed by the water-meadows, they and their foals with them. Boreas was enamoured of them as they were feeding, and covered them in the semblance of a dark-maned stallion. Twelve filly foals did they conceive and bear him, and these, as they sped over the rich plain, would go bounding on over the ripe ears of corn and not break them; or again when they would disport themselves on the broad back of Ocean they could gallop on the crest of a breaker. Erichthonius begat Tros, king of the Trojans, and Tros had three noble sons, Ilus, Assaracus, and Ganymede who was comeliest of mortal men; wherefore the gods carried him off to be Jove's cupbearer, for his beauty's sake, that he might dwell among the immortals. Ilus begat Laomedon, and Laomedon begat Tithonus, Priam, Lampus, Clytius, and Hiketaon of the stock of Mars. But Assaracus was father to Capys, and Capys to Anchises, who was my father, while Hector is son to Priam.
Such do I declare my blood and lineage."

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