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Name: ELEANOR (Leonor) [XD25] of Castile Determine relationship to Elizabeth de Neville
Birth: ABT OCT 1241 Castile, Spain Father: FERNANDO III of Castile Mother:Jeanne (Joan) of Ponthieu DAMMARTIN
Married: EDWARD I [Sb20] Plantagenet 18 OCT 1254 Las Huelgas, Burgos, Spain
Children Born Died
Eleanor Plantagenet ABT 17 JUN 1264 Windsor Castle 12 OCT 1297 Ghent
Joan Plantagenet JAN 1264/1265 SEP 1265
John Plantagenet 10 JUN 1266 Winchester or WIndsor, ENG; or Jul 10, 1266 ABT 1 AUG 1271 Westminster, ENG
Henry Plantagenet 13 JUL 1267 Windsor 14 OCT 1274 Merton, Surrey, ENG
ch Plantagenet ABT 1269
Julian Plantagenet ABT 1271 Holy Land Holy Land; infancy
Joan PLANTAGENET ABT MAR 1271/1272 (Acre, Palestine), Akko, Hazafon, Israel 23 APR 1307 Clare, Suffolk, ENG
Afonso Plantagenet 24 NOV 1273 Bordeaux 19 AUG 1284 Windsor Castle
Margaret Plantagenet 11 SEP 1275 Windsor Castle ABT 1318 Brussels
Berengaria Plantagenet MAY 1276 Kennington ABT 1279
Mary Plantagenet 11 MAR 1277/1278 Windsor Castle BEF 8 JUL 1332 Amesbury
Alice Plantagenet 12 MAR 1278/1279 Woodstock 1291
Elizabeth PLANTAGENET 7 AUG 1282 Rhuddlan Castle, Flintshire, Wales ABT 5 MAY 1316 Quendon, Essex, ENG
EDWARD II [O11; SB21; Y1] Plantagenet 28 APR 1284 Caernarvon Castle, Caernarvonshire, Wales 21 SEP 1327 Berkeley Castle, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, ENG; murdered
Beatrice Plantagenet ABT 1286 Aquitaine ?; young
Blanche Plantagenet ABT 1290 infancy
Death: 28 NOV 1290 Herdeby, Lincolnshire, ENG
Burial: Westminster Abbey, London, ENG
Remarks: Spanish Leonor De Castilla; queen consort of King Edward I of England (ruled 1272-1307). Her devotion to Edward helped bring out his better qualities; after her death, his rule became somewhat arbitrary. Eleanor was the daughter of King Ferdinand III of Castile and his wife, Joan of Ponthieu.
In 1254 Eleanor was married to Lord Edward, son of England's King Henry III. In honour of the event, her half brother, Alfonso X of Castile, transferred to Edward his claims to Gascony. When Henry III's baronial opponents seized power in England in 1264, Eleanor was sent for safety to France; she returned in October 1265, after Edward had crushed the rebels.
Eleanor accompanied Edward on a crusade from 1270 to 1273. The story that she saved his life at Acre (now in Israel) by sucking poison from a dagger wound is evidently apocryphal. After Edward ascended the throne, Eleanor was criticized for allegedly mistreating the tenants on her lands. Upon her death, Edward erected the famous Eleanor Crosses—several of which still stand—at each place where her coffin rested on its way to London.

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