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Name: FERNANDO III of Castile Determine relationship to...
Birth: 5 AUG 1201 ?; of Leon, Leon, Spain Father: ALFONSO IX Mother: BERENGUELA
Married: Jeanne (Joan) of Ponthieu DAMMARTIN 1237 Burgos, Burgos, Spain
Children Born Died
Ferdinand ?; of Castile
Married: B Swabia 1219
Children Born Died
Alfonso X of Castile 23 NOV 1221 Burgos, Castile, Spain 4 APR 1284 Seville, Spain
Married: Jeanne (Joan) of Ponthieu DAMMARTIN 1237 Burgos, Burgos, Spain
Children Born Died
ELEANOR (Leonor) [XD25] of Castile ABT OCT 1241 Castile, Spain 28 NOV 1290 Herdeby, Lincolnshire, ENG
Death: 30 MAY 1252 Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain
Remarks: Also called Saint Ferdinand, Spanish San Fernando; king of Castile from 1217 to 1252 and of Leon from 1230 to 1252 and conqueror of the Muslim cities of Córdoba (1236), Jaén (1246), and Seville (1248). During his campaigns, Murcia submitted to his son Alfonso (later Alfonso X), and the Muslim kingdom of Granada became his vassal.
Ferdinand was the son of Alfonso IX of Leon and Berenguela, daughter of Alfonso VIII of Castile. When born, he was the heir to Leon, but his uncle, Henry I of Castile, died young, and his mother inherited the crown of Castile, which she conferred on him. His father, like many Leonese, opposed the union, and Ferdinand found himself at war with him. By his will Alfonso IX tried to disinherit his son, but the will was set aside, and Castile and Leon were permanently united in 1230.
Ferdinand married Beatrice of Swabia, daughter of the Holy Roman emperor, a title that Ferdinand's son Alfonso X was to claim. His conquest of Lower Andalusia was the result of the disintegration of the Almohad state. The Castilians and other conquerors occupied the cities, driving out the Muslims and taking over vast estates.
Ferdinand's second wife was Joan of Ponthieu, whom he married in 1237; their daughter Eleanor married the future Edward I of England in 1254. Ferdinand settled in Seville, where he is buried.

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