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Name: Geoffrey V PLANTAGENET Determine relationship to...
Birth: 24 AUG 1113 Father: Mother:
Married: (Matilda) MAUD
Children Born Died
Henry II PLANTAGENET 5 MAR 1132 6 JUL 1189
Death: 7 SEP 1151
Remarks: Geoffrey (Geoffroi) IV (sic V) the Fair, Plantaganet, 10th Count of Anjou, 1129-1151, Duke of Normandy, 1144-1150, married about 1127 Matilda (Maud the English Empress), daughter of King Henry I. of England and his wife, Matilda of Scotland, daughter of Malcolm III, King of Scotland.
Geoffrey was the original Plantaganet, so named by his companions for the broom corn he wore on his person.

("The Genealogy of Homer Beers James", V1, JANDA Consultants, © 1993 Homer James)

When Fulk V set off for Jerusalem in 1129, he left his counties of Anjou, Touraine, and Maine to his son Geoffrey V [Chr. S. Serg. Andegav., s.a. 1129]. After the death of his father-in-law Henry I, Geoffrey began the conquest of Normandy by right of his wife Matilda, completed in 1144 when he took Rouen [Chr. S. Serg. Andegav., s.a. 1144]. The nickname "Plantagenet" sometimes used for Geoffrey only became a name for the entire dynasty in later years, and was not used by his immediate descendants, the first appearance of "Plantagenet" as a surname being in the fifteenth century. [See DNB 15, 1184-5 for a discussion of this.] Geoffrey was succeeded by his son Henry, who became king of England as Henry II in 1154.

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