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Edward V, King of England
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4 NOV 1470 Sanctuary, Westminster, England
Edward IV, King of England
Elizabeth Woodville
1483 Tower of London, The City, London, England aged 12
BIOGRAPHICAL: Because of a power struggle between his paternal uncle Richard, and his maternal uncle Anthony Woodville, both Edward and his brother Richard were confined in the Tower of London shortly after their father's death in April 1483 by Richard. The Croyland Chronicle stated, "A rumour was spread that the sons of King Edward had died a violent death, but it was uncertain how".

REIGNED: Because the duke of Gloucester had him and his younger brother declared bastards and usurped the throne as Richard II in June 1483, it is reasonable to suppose that he had them assassinated. No circumstantial evidence exists, however. The belief that Richard instigated their murder was advanced by Tudor historians.

(Medical):While it is impossible to state with certainty who ordered the murder of Edward V and his brother, it can be seen that they were not seen alive again.

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