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Name: Charles V "The Wise", King of France Determine relationship to...
Birth: 21 JAN 1337 Vincennes, France Father: John II de Valois "The Good", King of France Mother:Bonne of Luxembourg
Married: Jeanne de Bourbon 8 APR 1350
Children Born Died
Charles VI de Valois "The Beloved", King of France 3 DEC 1368 Paris, Ile-de-France, France 22 OCT 1422 Paris, Ile-de-France, France
Death: 16 SEP 1380 Vincennes, France
Burial: Saint Denis Abbey, Seine-Saint-Denis, Paris, France
Remarks: Roi de France (1364-1380)king of France (1364-80), born in Vincennes. He was the son of King John II. When John was captured in September 1356 by the English at Poitiers during the Hundred Years' War, Charles assumed the regency. The most significant events of his regency were the Jacquerie (a peasant revolt) and the insurrection of Paris under √Čtienne Marcel(circa 1315-58). Upon the death (1364) of his father, Charles ascended the throne. War with the English continued for a number of years, but with results highly favorable to Charles, who stripped them of most of their conquests in France and strengthened the power of the monarchy. A generous patron of literature and the arts, Charles founded (1367) the first royal library in France. During his reign the Bastille was added to the fortifications of Paris. He was succeeded by his son, Charles VI.

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