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Name: Charles VI de Valois "The Beloved", King of France Determine relationship to...
Birth: 3 DEC 1368 Paris, Ile-de-France, France Father: Charles V "The Wise", King of France Mother:Jeanne de Bourbon
Married: Isabelle Wittelsbach of Bavaria 17 JUL 1385
Children Born Died
Isabella, Princess of France 9 NOV 1389 Hotel du Louvre, Paris, France 13 SEP 1409 Château of Blois, Centre, France
Catherine de Valois, Princess of France 27 OCT 1401 Hotel De St Pol, Paris, Seine, France 3 JAN 1437 London, Greater London, England
Charles VII "The Victorus", King of France 22 FEB 1403 Paris, Ile-de-France, France 21 JUL 1461 Bourges, France
Death: 22 OCT 1422 Paris, Ile-de-France, France
Remarks: Roi de France (1380-1422) insanity led to rule of Henry V of England, end of 100 Years War.after his father's death in 1380, he was under the guardianship of a ducal council until 1388, when he rejected its regency and began to reign in his own right. Charles ruled well until 1392, when he became insane. In the ensuing contest for control of the kingdom, France suffered grievously from civil wars between the Armagnacs (house of Orléans) and the Burgundians. The English took advantage of the internal strife to invade France. They won the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, conquered Normandy in 1417, captured Rouen in 1419 and Paris in 1420, and imposed on Charles the Treaty of Troyes (1420). Under this treaty Charles was compelled to marry his daughter to Henry V and to confer on Henry or his heir the right of succession to the French throne.

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