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Daniel Sulis
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12 FEB 1791 Smith's Cove, Saint John, New Brunswick
John Sulis
Abigail Smith
Daniel was born 12 Feb 1791 (17903)
in Smith's Cove and was named for his Grandfather Daniel SULIS, the Loyalist. "Daniel SULIS
of the parish of Annapolis, Nova Scotia, yeoman and Katherine LUGRIN of Saint John, N.B.,
spinster, were married by license with consent of her father on 2 December, 1812. Witnesses:
Peter LUGRIN and George BONSALL."1 (The bride signed her name Catharine). Catherine
LUGRIN was born 23 Jun 1783, the eldest daughter of Peter LUGRIN of Saint John, N.B.3.
"married last evening by Reverend Dr. BYLES, Daniel Sulis of Clements and Miss Catherine
eldest daughter of Peter Lugrin of this city".2
Daniel was over six feet tall and he always wore a beaver hat to church and funerals
(SU-3). In census record Daniel always considered himself to be of French Origin and belonged
to the Church of England (DC-2). He lived his later years with his son Charles (DC-2). Catherine
died 16 Jan 1862 and Daniel died 7 May 18794, aged 89 years and three months (SU-7, SU-6).
Catherine LUGRIN, born 23 Jun 1783, christened 6 Jul 1783 at Trinity Church Parish, New
York, New York, daughter of Peter and Catherine LUGRIN. (from IGI) "Mrs. Daniel SULIS of
Smith's Cove, Hillsburgh, aged 79 years, was buried 22 Jan 1862" (St. Clements Parish Register,
p.26, no.203).
In the 1827 census he was listed as a farmer with 16 acres of land, four boys and two
girls. In 1861 he was living with his wife and had one acre of salt marsh, ten acres interval
cultivated and 50 acres cultivated upland (DC-2, DC-1). He lived on the eastern half of Lot No. 9
following farming and weir fishing.3 An 1828 return of scholars for the Township of Clements
listed a John SULIS, aged 20 and a Sarah SULIS, aged 9 (? ages)(U53). In an 1828 return of
students at School No.1 - Smith's Cove, Township of Clements it listed John SULIS aged 11,
George SULIS aged 8 and Elizabeth SULIS aged 9.
In the 1861 census for Digby County, Hillsburgh area, Daniel SULIS was listed as a
married male aged 70 to 80 years as was his wife.
In the Apr 1871 Census for Digby Co., Hillsburg area, living with Charles SULIS,
Daniel SULIS was listed as aged 82, a widower, born in N.S., of French origin, a member of the
Church of England and a farmer (1871 191F, p.20, l.3).
A Catherine SULIS of Clements was listed as a member of the Methodist "Society" in
1831 (U35) and was listed in the 1868 Directory for Clements (U8).
i. Sarah Jane SULIS; b. 25 Oct 18133,4; bpt. 8 Oct 18144; d. 9 Nov 1814;
buried 11 Nov 1814 aged one year4;
4 ii. Louisa Jane SULIS; b. 14 Dec 18153,4; bpt. Jul 18164;
5 iii. John Simeon SULIS; b. 1 Jan 18183,4; bpt. 13 Feb 18184;
12 iv. George Samuel SULIS; b. 8 Sep 18194; bpt. 24 May 18204;
v. Eliza Abigail SULIS; b. 30 Sep 18204; bpt. 30 Apr 18224; m. 23 Jan 1845
(U41) Edward POTTER; An Abigail SULIS, aged 7, and Edward POTTER,
aged 10, were listed as scholars in Clements Twp. in an 1828 return
(U53),(See POTTER Genealogy);
60 vi. Charles Nelson SULIS; b. 25 Aug 1823; bpt. 28 Mar 18244 (not listed in
vii. James Hennigar SULIS; b. 7 Jul 18253; d. 4 Feb 1843 when he drowned on
passage from Digby to Eastport, Maine on the Schooner "Catherine"3
(Clarence Ward Book); in Christian Messenger (U41): "died 4 Feb 1843
James H. aged 17 the son of William Daniel Sulis of Digby"; "drowned
Saturday 4th Feb from on board Schooner Catherine, Capt. W. Sulis, on her
passage from Digby to Eastport, James Hennigar youngest son of Daniel
Sulis of Hillsburg, aged 18"6; "James H. SULIS drowned in Digby Gut,
aged 18, son of Daniel SULIS" in Merchant and Farmers Newspaper 8 Mar
1843; James was probably named after a Rev James G. HENNIGAR, a
Wesleyan Minister in Saint John, N.B.;
viii. Catherine Isabella SULIS; b. 20 Dec 18273 (U35); bpt. 23 Oct 1828 (U35);
"baptised 23 Oct 1828, born 20 Dec 1827, Catharine Isabella SULIS,
daughter of Daniel SULIS and Catharine LUGRIN of Clements"
(Bridgetown, Methodist and Presbyterian PR); d. 16 Jan 1846; in 27 Mar
1846 Christian Messenger (U41) and 5 Feb 1846 Loyalist: "died 16 Jan
1846, Catherine aged 18 at Hillsburg, the 4th daughter of Daniel Sulis";
sources: (1) Marriage Registers City of Saint John, Book A, page 11 and The Memorandum
Book of Clarence Ward, Saint John, N.B.; (2) 7 Dec 1812 issue of NBRG; (3) Sole Family by
Rev. G.T. Ridlon (1926); (4) DC-5; (5) 1871 census, Hillsburg, Digby County, page 20; (6) 25
Feb 1843 issue of NBC; (7) Annapolis (Granville) Methodist Circuit Record of Baptisms (U35);
(8) 1861 census, Digby Co., Hillsburgh PD 1, abstract 2, line 13;

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