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Name: I Maximianus Determine relationship to Eustache I de Boulogne
Birth: Father: Mother:
Married: Eutropia
Children Born Died
Maxentius 278 312 Battle on Milvian Bridge (against brother-in-law, Constantine)
Fausta ABT 290
Death: 305 Tarsus, Cicilia
Remarks: Maximianus Herculius, Roman Emperor during the Tetrarchic period with power shared by Diocletian, Maxmian Augusti, Galerius, and Constantius Chlorus, the latter two being Caesars. Following Galerian's death, Licinius was elevated to Caesar Augustus, sharing with Maximian. In southwestern Sicily near the Gela River there is a recently restored ancient estate from the 3rd to 4th century AD. It is called Villa del Casale and is noted for its many intricate and beautiful mosaics, some of which suggest to archaeologists that it belonged to Maximian and his family.

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