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Birth: Father: Mother:
Cornelia Salonia 268
Death: 248
Remarks: PACATIAN aka Ti. Claudius Marinus Pacatianus, ruled in Upper Moesia c. 248 CE. Brother of PHILIP II. He died in 248 CE. His coins were issued from the Viminacium mint. He was murdered by his own soldiers. From his coins he appears to be 19 or 20 in about 248 CE. He must have been an older brother of Philip II, and thus progenator of the line which produced LICINIUS I. PACATIAN was maternal grandfather of LICINIUS I. This can be deduced from the fact that LICINIUS I had claimed descent from PHILIP I. In order for this to have been so, PHILIP I had to have another son - which we find to be PACATIAN

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