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Valerius Licinianus Licinius
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ABT 265
Cornelia Salonia
Flavia Julia Constantia
Valerius Licinianus II Licinius
Born: ABT 300
Died: 327
325 Executed by Constantine I
A man of humble beginnings, Lincinius rose through military prowess and friendship with Emperor Galeria who promoted him to Augustus of the Eastern part of the empire, including Illycrium, adding Thrace, Asia Minor, Syria and Egypt, which he shared with Emperor Maximian after the death of Galeria. After defeating co-Emperor Maximian, he ruled the eastern empire while his friend and brother-in-law, (after marrying Constantine's half-sister, Constantia) Emperor Constantine I ruled the western empire. They later squabbled seriously over power and territory and Constantine put Licinius and his son, Licinius the Younger to death.
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LICINIUS I clamed descent from PHILIP 1. Ref. “Historia Augusta”. He would have been only 5 years old when his parents and siblings were killed - and that is why he was spared and allowed to live to become emperor.

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