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Name: Marcus Antoninus Pius Commodus Determine relationship to...
Birth: 31 AUG 161 Lanuvium, Italy (Latium) Father: Marcus Aurelius Mother:Annia Galeria II Faustina
Married: Bruttia Crispina
Children Born Died
Claudia Crispina
Death: 31 DEC 192

During his final years he declared that his age should be called the "Golden Age." He wanted all to revel in peace and happiness in his age of glory, praise the felicitas Commodi, the glorious libertas, his pietas, providentia, his victoria and virtus aeterna. Commodus wanted there to be no doubt that this "Golden Age" had been achieved through his munificence as Nobilissimus Princeps. He had declared a brand new day in Rome, founding it anew in 190, declaring himself the new Romulus. Rome was now to be called Colonia Lucia Annia Commodiana, as noted above, and deemed "the Immortal," "the Fortunate," "the Universal Colony of the Earth." Coins represent the archaic rituals of city-[re]foundation, identifying Commodus as a new founder and his age as new days.
Also in 190 he renamed all the months to correspond exactly with his titles. From January, they run as follows: Lucius, Aelius, Aurelius, Commodus, Augustus, Herculeus, Romanus, Exsuperatorius, Amazonius, Invictus, Felix, Pius. According to Dio Cassius, the changing of the names of the months was all part of Commodus' megalomania. Commodus was the first and last in the Antonine dynasty to change the names of the months.

The legions were renamed Commodianae, the fleet which imported grain from Africa was called Alexandria Commodiana Togata, the Senate was deemed the Commodian Fortunate Senate, his palace and the Roman people were all given the name Commodianus. The day that these new names were announced was also given a new title: Dies Commodianus. Indeed, the emperor presented himself with growing vigor as the center of Roman life and the fountainhead of religion. New expressions of old religious thought and new cults previously restricted to private worship invade the highest level of imperial power.

Marcus Antoninus Pius COMMODUS (born 161, died 192 CE). Crispina Bruttia (d. 183 CE) aka his sister “Lucilla”? Both died the same
year. He (COMMODUS) had over 300 sons by as many concubines and no telling how many daughters. None of his sons appear to have become emperors. They were probably made eunuchs and served as royal slaves.

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