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Married: Gaius Julius IV Caesar
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Remarks: In 62, Caesar was serving as Urban Praetor when one of Rome's greatest scandals erupted. Young and wild patrician Publius Clodius was discovered, disguised as a woman, at the celebration of the rites of Bona Dea [at which men were strictly forbidden] held that year at the residence of the Pontifex Maximus. Rumors flashed about Rome that Clodius was in Caesar's house because he was having an affair with Caesar's wife, Pompeia. One can imagine that many senators, whose own wives had carried on intrigues with Caesar in the past, were delighted to hear it. In the ensuing uproar, Caesar calmly divorced Pompeia, claiming that it was not enough that he knew her to be guiltless of adultery: Caesar's wife and family must be above mere suspicion.

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