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Arrived at unit Verkhneuralsky RVC 14.09.1942

Nikolai Petrovich Tashkeev
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1913 Verkhneuralsk, Chelyabinsk region, Urals
P Tashkeev
Irina Gerasimovna Uraltseva
1944 WW2 aged 30
Николай Петрович Ташкеев

Conscripted in 1941.
Arrived at unit Verkhneuralsky RVC 14.09.1942
Left V.-Ural RVC on 24.09.1942

Departure from the military unit: 26.06.1943 - 8th Reserve Rifle Brigade, Gorokhovetsky art. center

Vanished in 1944. For his younger sister Nina he was Без вести пропавший.,+Vladimir+Oblast,+Russia

List of Victims of political terror in USSR (not on this list)

It is likely that the following were relatives (cousins of his father) who were victims of dekulakisation in 1930 and evicted from their village Karagayskiy, Verkhneuralsk:

Andrei Tashkeev, head of family, 66
Son: Tashkeev Vasiliy Andreevich, 25
Wife: Tashkeeva Salameya,
Daughter-in-law: Tashkeeva Elizaveta, 23
Granddaughter: Tashkeeva Anna Vasilievna 5, Tashkeeva Klavdiya Vasilyevna 2, Tashkeeva Alexandra Vasilievna 7 months.

Resolution of the meeting of the Karagayskiy village Council, Verkhneuralsk district of 10.02.1930, executive committee of 16.02.1930, protocol No. 19, resolution of the Trinity okrispolkom of 26.02.1930, protocol No. 16 paragraph 2, (Archival department of the administration of the Troitsky municipal district, Fund - 356. Inventory - 1. Case - 3. Sheet - 12.), List of kulak families subject to eviction from Karagayskiy selsovet, Verkhneuralsky district.Ташкеев_Андрей

Map showing Karagayskiy:,59.5090033,1000m

Further Details of Vasiliy from the Memorial website at:

Year of birth 1904
Date of conviction in 1930
Sentence dispossessed and expelled on a class basis from the Verkhne-Uralsky district of the Chelyabinsk region in the city of Salekhard of the Tyumen region
Rehabilitated Department of Internal Affairs of the Chelyabinsk region
Date of rehabilitation June 2, 1998
Family: father - Andrey Danilovich, born in 1868, died in 1931, mother - Solomiya Vasilyevna, born in 1872, died in 1937, wife - Elizaveta Grigorievna, born in 1907, children: Anna, born in 1924, Claudia, born in 1926, Alexandra, born in 1928, Valentina, born in 1939, Boris, born in 1944.
Source Department of Internal Affairs of the Tyumen region
Doc 1 - left: V.-Ural RVC on 24.09.1942

Doc 1b

Departure from military unit on 26.06.1943 at Gorokhovetsky art.

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