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John Henry Goldie
 Relationship to Henry IV, Lord Percy of Alnwick
10 OCT 1817 Madras, India
John Goldie
Elizabeth Georgina Latter
10 DEC 1817 Trichinopoly, Madras, India
Sarah Margaret Hadow 11 APR 1848 St Andrews, Clifton, Gloucester, England
Sarah Margaret Goldie
Born: 25 JUN 1849 Andhra Pradesh, India
Died: 23 AUG 1936 Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Elizabeth Anne Goldie
Born: 2 AUG 1850 Arcot, Tamil Nadu, India
Died: 21 JAN 1894 Fujian, China
John Henry Goldie
Born: 1 AUG 1851 Chittor Andhra Pradesh
Died: 21 OCT 1922 Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England
George Robert Goldie
Born: 15 NOV 1852 Andhra Pradesh, India
Died: 28 NOV 1880 Gloucestershire, Somerset, United Kingdom
Emma Sophia Georgina Goldie
Born: 24 APR 1854 Clifton, Gloucestershire, England
Died: 30 OCT 1923 2 Sion-Place, Bathwick Hill, Bath, Somerset, England
Charles Edward Goldie
Born: 22 AUG 1857 St Andrews, Clifton, Glochester, England
Died: 20 MAY 1877 Bath, Somerset, England
Julia Margaret Goldie
Born: ABT 1860 Roclary, East Indies
Died: MAR 1945 Tonbridge, Kent, England
Robert Henry Goldie
Born: 1 JUN 1861 Palamcollah, Madras, India
Died: 29 MAY 1931 Bath, Somerset, England
Barre William Goldie
Born: 28 OCT 1862
Jan- Mar 1894 Bath, Somerset, England aged 76

DEATH: Also shown as Died Bet. Jan–Mar 1894

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