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Ancestors of Burgundy

Gundicar de Burgundy
 Born: 375 Oder Vistula River region, Worms, Germany
 Died: 436 Battle with Huns
Gondahar de Burgundy
 Born: 400
 Died: 450
Gundioc de Burgundy
 Born: 430 Worms, Rhine-Hessen, Germany
 Died: 473 Bourgogne, France
Athaulf of the Visigoths
 Born: 355
 Died: SEP 415
 Born: 414
Galla Placidia
 Born: ABT 390 Rome, Italy
 Died: 27 NOV 450 Rome, Italy
Chilperic II de Burgundy
 Born: ABT 445 Burgundy, France
 Died: ABT 486 Amorica, France, killed by brother, Gundobad
Cartena Suevi
 Born: ABT 425 Spain
 Died: 6 SEP 506
Wallia of the Visigoths
 Born: ABT 353
 Died: AFT 419
Agrippina de Bourgogne
 Born: ABT 450 Burgundy
 Died: 486