Transcript of two Letters from Robert Corbet of Stanwardine Hall

Ref: GWYSANEY TRANSCRIPTS,1947, National Library of Wales



To my verie loving frend Thomas Davies Esq.


I understand by my father Screven that at his request you became surity for mee that I should well passe my Accounts to his matie for this yeare of Shrevalty wch as I acknowledge as a great favor from you So I lay it to heart alse that you may be free from anie sufferinge. The businesse is a thing of course more than hazard yet that you may be more secure I hereby promise to see you saved harmelesse & doe by this my hand & seale bind mee and nay heires to p'formance and if you please to conceave anie better way or anie farther securitie let it be sent to my father & he shall see it executed & sent you thus as unknowne yet uppon occasion you shall find me. Your very loving freind

Rob: Corbett.

Stanwardine April 27





To the Mo'full his very good freind Livetenant Collonell Davis Att Bridgewater house in Barbican.

Worthy Sr

trusting to the continuance of your favour and love and that in many respects shewed to mee I presume uppon your worth and goodnesse to begg this one more att your hands and yt you will not only favor mee so much in the deliverie of this petition to my Lord but also be (as I doubt not you may) a speciall meanes in a favorable answere to it, I hope my petition is fayre & honest in respect my ancestors have beene tenants to theese lands and wrested out of my hands without anie iust cause and for ought I knowe unknowne in pl to the Lady Derby during whose time I was disposessed of them, in this if you please to graunt me your countenance I shall acknowledge my service to his utmost power ever readie to attend you. and now for my Lords speciall favor to my Cousin Corbett in his desire of having him elected for the shire he is not only stiffly opposed by Sr Richard newport Sr Richard lee & Mr pereport (?) but wth(?) all it is given out and yt by Sr Richard lee his neere freinds & servants yt except he can have Yr perpoint elected wth him he will not stand but I doubt not by the continuance of my lords favor my Coosin will make his part good thus desiring wth my petition you will p'sent my humble service to my lord I take leave & rest.

Your reall freind in his power to Comand

Robert: Corbett.

Stanwardine Feb: 1o 1639.

my wife desireth her service p'sented to you and your bedfellow and doe mee the like I pray.