Audiobook of

Captain Henry Evelyn Arthur Platt

Diaries and Letters of a First World War Officer

Compiled and narrated by William Bridge

It describes his time at Eton, Sandhurst and in the First World War where he served as a Captain in the 19th Hussars before transferring to the Coldstream Guards after a dispute with his Major over the safety of his men. He describes life in the Cavalry, how he was gassed in May 1915, and life in the trenches. He was killed in action near Ypres in May 1916. It also includes biographies of his wife, son, brother and parents.

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Birth to Outbreak of WW1heaplatt_audio_01_pg1-15.mp3 1
August - September 1914heaplatt_audio_02_pg18-30.mp3 2
September - November 1914heaplatt_audio_03_pg31-44.mp3 3
Gassedheaplatt_audio_04_pg45-56.mp3 4
Removal from Commandheaplatt_audio_05_pg57-65.mp3 5
Coldstream Guards - Woundedheaplatt_audio_06_pg66-77.mp3 6
Killed in Actionheaplatt_audio_07_pg78-end.mp3 7