Alfred Greaves Hall

Born: 28-Aug-1867, father: William Hall, mother: Louisa Platt Family Tree

  Letter from Joseph Arthur Platt, Tettenhall to Alfred Greaves Hall re death of mother
Feb 29th
Tettenhall Towers

My dear Alfred,
I am so
very sorry to hear of your
mother's death, poor
dear, how she loved you
all, and us too, you
will feel it very hard.

I am sure you have all
my sympathy. I cannot
come to the funeral
as I have been a fortnight
in bed with bronchitis
and only just up for
an hour today. I would
certainly have come
and seen the last of
her if I could have.
Give my love to you
Your affectionate cousin
Joe A Platt


  Photo of Alfred Greaves Hall - Alfie

  Photo of Alfred Greaves Hall in a hat

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