Joseph Platt Hall

Born: 08-Sep-1864, died: 10-Jun-1934, father: William Hall, mother: Louisa Platt Family Tree

  Letter regarding ancestry of John Platt
22 Kent Road, Birkdale
February 13th 1878

Dear Cousin,
I beg to furnish you with a short pedigree of the
ancestry of the late John Platt Esq M.P. of Oldham.
John Platt, father of Henry Platt, who was father of John
Platt late M.P. for Oldham, was a machine maker, joiner, and
auctioneer, and resided at Nickass, properly called Bridehouse near
Dobcross Saddleworth. The said John Platt married a Miss
Winterbottom of that place aforesaid, who was related to the late
John Winterbottom of the same place. The father of the said John
Platt, was named Henry Platt. He was also a machine maker and
joiner at Nickass. He was brother of James Platt of Butterhouse, who
was father of Frank Platt of Upper Mill, and John Platt of Heathfields.
The said John Platt father of Henry Platt who was the father
of John Platt late M.P. had an only sister named Sarah who married
Richard Blackburn who at that time kept the Bulls Head
Inn at Delph.
three daughters namely John, Henry, Joseph, Sarah, Hannah,
and Mary. John was a blacksmith, Henry and Joseph learned
the trade of machinists with their father at Nickass in a room
now used as a weaving shop. They had all their turning work done
at Brownhill Bridge Mill.
Henry Platt, the father of John Platt esq M.P. of Oldham married Miss
Sarah Whitehead daughter of Joseph Whitehead of Saddleworth Fold
and James Hall of Clough Bottom married her sister Mary, their
Saddleworth name was Bucks.
The Saddleworth name of John Platt father of Henry Platt
was old "Flange". It is said he was a stout man, with a
strong voice and he made a rattling good auctioneer. Henry
built the houses opposite Ebenezer Chapel at Upper Mill. Shortly
after which he went to reside at Roecross near Mottram, thence
to Oldham. His brother Joseph called himself the "Bogart" of
the family. His sister Sarah married Charles Winterbottom of _dale.
Hannah married a tailor at Dobcross (name unknown), Mary
married Joseph Garrett a machinist at Bolton Moor Oldham.

PS. The above pedigree is the best that can be obtained, and with no
Jack Platt


  Letter from Mr Stead to J P Hall 3-Feb-1890
Huddersfield, 3 Feb 1890
Dear Mr Hall,
I am duly in receipt
of yours of the 1st instant.
With respect to the interest
to be received from the Huddersfield
Corporation, you are perhaps aware
that Mr Joseph Clark of Huddersfield
is co-trustee with myself. On the
1st January I received the dividend
warrant made payable to myself
and Mr Clark. I went to Huddersfield
on the 7th January and found that
Mr Clark was in America and would
not be at home for several months.
I then went to the bank, but they
said they could not pay without both
signatures. I asked my own bankers
and they told me the same tale.
If I pay it be out of my own
pocket, and anything happening
to me before Mr Clark's return or
to Mr Clark might cause some bother.
What am to do - the bank is
so very particular. I find in one
case that 12 trustees had to sign
and Mrs Clark has no authority to
sign her husband's name, but I will
write to her and ask her when she
cannot to get his authority.
We are sorry to learn of Mrs Carhill's
serious position. I learn from Mrs
Woodhouse that she was in a
parlous state of health, but old folks
cannot expect to live for ever. I am
in my 83rd year. With respects to
yourself, Mrs Hall & family.
I am yours truly,
John Stead
Mr J P Hall


  Caer Llugwy Roman Fort by J P Hall 1923

  List Of Additions to Platt Pedigree July 1931