Mrs Buckley

  Letter from Mary Sloane To Mrs Buckley late Miss Schofield Marriage Advice Hannah Greaves
To Mrs Buckley late Miss Schofield,
We were indeed very much surprised
to hear of your marriage but are happy to learn by Miss Lees
and Greaves that you are married to a very steady young man.
It is our earnest wish that you may be soulmates to each
other in the way to heaven. You request me to write and
give you a little advice, this I shall gladly attempt, may
the Lord direct me to such ideas as shall be for your real
edification; ever keep in mind my dear friend the vast
consequences of eternal things _ that we have
an immortal soul that must either be infinitely
happy inexpressibly miserable and that forever, herby
there it is of the greatest importance that we should
have right views of religion or the salvation of the soul,
a mistake on the subject would be of fatal consequence.
You say you have own prospect of leading a good life
and being very comfortable. I sincerely wish you every
enjoyment which will be for your real welfare and
that you may be enabled to conduct yourself in
all things as becometh a Christian, yet something more
than a regular life is necessary for we can be in
a safe state, though we should attend quite regularly
on the public means, read the scriptures daily and pray
twice thrice or even seven times a day, though we
should be honest in all our dealings, kind to our friends
and liberal to the poor, all this will avail us nothing
unless our hearts have been changed by divine grace
and we have fled to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation,
should we rely upon anything we do instead of using
it, we shall be found to have built upon the sand
for there can be no other safe foundation laid than that which
God himself has laid which is the work Christ upon

Cross we must build our hopes for salvation, he died
to redeem our souls from misery by suffering the punishment
he wrote our sins by satisfying that justice which
we had offended by fulfilling that law which we had violated
and thus removed that curse which we had incurred and worked

out for us complete righteousness in which alone we
can appear before God with acceptance but we shall more
rightly trust in Christ, we shall heartily approve
to that _ of salvation which God has appointed
till our hearts have been changed by his grace