Sarah Hall

Born: 17-Oct-1811, married Richard Evans on 23-Jun-1834, died: 25-Dec-1904, father: William Hall Golcar, mother: Jane Stevenson Family Tree

  Hall Family Info From Mrs Sarah Evans
The Hall family
The following information
was received from Mrs Evans
Aunt to William Hall, Crescent Salford.
The Hall family were
a county family of West Riding
Yorkshire, my husband's grand-
father William Hall of Irwell
Mills Salford, had a vote
for Yorkshire as well as
Lancashire. He always
gave his vote to Lord
FitzWilliam of Wentworth
or to Lord Minton, once
they sent a carriage for him
to Manchester. He was
born at the "large white house"
Golcar, it is on the hill side.
His mother was Mary Ramsden
& married Joshua Hall in 1701

Great grandfather to William
Hall of the crescent salford and surgeon.
A large china cup with their name
on was presented to them
on their wedding day. Mary
Hall was related to Sir John
Ramsden, who owned nearly
all Huddersfield, except
one little house called "amens
church", one of the Ramsdens
was High Sheriff & came
to Manchester for the assizes
about 1862. Some part
of the Hall family lived in
London. He was a _
merchant. His name
was Richard Ramsden.
He lived at Islington in great
style. Mrs Washer was sister
to William Hall of Irwell Mills
(Grandfather to William Hall
of the Crescent, Salford, Surgeon).
Captain Benjamin Hall was
Uncle to W. Hall or Irwell Mills.
Captain B Hall was the son
of Joshua & Sarah Hall, &
was born at Golcar Hall in 1721.


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