Newsgate: English only
Russia Today
Daily detailed political and business news and other sources like entire Russian Consitution on-line and politicians' biographies. Discussion boards on Chechnya, NATO, etc. Classifieds, including jobs.
The Moscow Times
Internet version of this popular newspaper for English speaking community in Moscow. Functional design. Ads for jobs in Russia.
links to latest news reports on various sites. Links to many Russian newspapers.
English SMI
rather subjective collection of news highlights.
Gazeta Ru
Stylish Internet newspaper with articles by Russia's leading journalists. Mainly in Russian, but "international" link takes to the short English version.
Interfax (Ru)
the prominents Russian news agency on line: free digest, but you have to pay for more detailed information.
Strana Ru
you can open a personal folder at this site and store there materials you are interested in.
Russian only
Vesti the authors help you assess the situation by dividing the highlights into "good" and "bad" news.
Radio and TV:
Unfortunately, in our experience, some links in radio and Tv directories do not work consistently, or at all. But it is worth to be persistent and try a few.

BBC Russian Service
Articles and programme details. Audio - live and recorded, and some video clips. Very interesting forums (mainly in Russian) on the world's events.
Echo Moskvy
Moscow's independent radio station famous for always managing to stay on air at the time of attempted coups. Live audio.
Vesti TV
Russian news TV - recorded episodes and broadcasting.

Radio & Tv directory
Live audio. Links to dozens of Russian radio stations and TV channels.
Tsvetkov Ru
Links to Russian radio stations in Russia, the former USSR and abroad. Also TV directory.
Radio, Tv and video
Including ballet clips.
Weather in Russia
Meteo Infospace
Russian weather forecasting service - detailed forecasts for every area for a few days ahead.
Russia Com
Information for a few major cities, and separately for two of Moscow's airports.
USA Today: Imagine yourself in...
Find out weather in any area, with satellite photos and maps.