Tourism to St. Petersburg (Russia)


If you are interested in travelling or have travelled to St Petersburg then I would greatly appreciate it if you could fill in the questionaire below.

Adele Rodriguez-Alarcon,
MA student in Culture & Tourism, University of Westminster.

1. What for you would be the main reason for going to St. Petersburg?

a. Business
b. Visiting friends and family
c. Leisure


2. What sources do you rely on for information about St.Petersburg?

a. Newspaper
b. Magazine (please specify)
c. TV programme
d. Internet advertisement
e. TV advertisement
f. Guide books (please specify)
g. Other books
h. Brochures of tour-operators
i. Word of mouth


3. How long would you like to stay?  

a. Less than 24 hrs.
b. 1-3 days
c. 4-6 days
d. 7-10 days
e. 11-14 days
f.  Longer

4. What deterrents, if any, might prevent you from travelling to St. Petersburg?  



5.How would you prefer to arrange your trip?

a. Independently
b. Through your job / studies
c. Package tour
d. Internet


6. Would you like to travel to St. Petersburg with other people who share your interests?

      Yes       No

7. What factors would contribute to your decision to travel to St. Petersburg?

  a. Climate 
  b. Easy accessibility
  c. Cost and transport
  d. Starting point for visiting Russia
  e. Language
  f. Shopping
  g. Sports
  h. Clubbing
  i. Visiting parks and gardens
  j. Cultural interests (excursions)
  k. Theatre
  l. Food and drink 


8. Are any of these prime considerations in you trip?

a. Museums and galleries
b. Architecture and monuments
c. Theatre
 d. Customs
 e. Religion
 f. Music
 g. Politics
 h. Unique shopping
 i. Photography
 j. Literature
k. Festivals


 9. Please consider the importance to you of these attractions:

Rate: 1-must visit; 2-might visit; 3-wonít visit; 4-donít know; 5-never heard.

   a. St Petersburg city bus-tour
   b. Hermitage museum
   c. White nights Festival
   d. Museum of Dostoyevsky
   e. Museum of Pushkin
   f. Museum of Akhmatova
   g. Mariinski Theatre (Kirov ballet)
   h. Russian museum
   i. Fountains of Peterhof
   j. Restaurants of traditional Russian cuisine (blini with caviar)
   k. Fortress of St.Peter and Paul
   l. St. Isaak's Cathedral


10. Are there any other things you would like to do (did) in St. Petersburg?



11. With what other cities in Europe could you compare St. Petersburg in terms of cultural tourism?



11. Would you like to combine your trip with a trip to Moscow?

     Yes        No


12. Did you speak any Russian before the trip?

     Yes        No        A little


13.What would be the most important factors in your decision to travel to St Petersburg?

       Please name three of them.


14. Would you travel to combine your trip to St. Petersburg with a Russian language course?

        Yes    No

15. When would you prefer to travel to St. Petersburg?

        In summer        in winter


16. Would you travel to St. Petersburg in winter if you knew that there were many cultural events there in winter (e.g. winter ballet season at the Mariinski Theatre)?

        Yes    No

17. Have you ever attended any of these cultural events related to St. Petersburg in London?

a. Hermitage Exhibition in Somerset House
b. Ballet performances of Mariinski (Kirov) theatre in London
c. Other Russian art exhibitions
 d. Other Russian cultural exhibitions


18. How would you characterize your job status?

a. Higher managerial, administrative or professional
b. Higher managerial, administrative or professional
c. Junior managerial
d. Skilled worker
e. Self-employed
f. Student
g. Pensioner, not employed


19. Age group

65 and over

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