Transcript from the Wynnstay Rentals Estate Book of 1699 for Stanwardine Hall which had just been acquired by Sir John Wynn from Thomas Corbet

(Held at the National Library of Wales, Ref: 1699 R9)


1699 Stanwardine rents for 1699 is but 235.10.07

     But Massys piece was grassed by my master in at £20 rent - £20

     And the Corn and hay worked by my master - £20

     And the house which Mr Horton has now in his bargain with the little barn and other out houses at the Kien and the gardens, orchards, hopyard Pooly and fish ponds with other liberties and conveniences about the house was valued to the sum of £20 a year - £20


     And Mr Corbett did allow my master besides the £10 which Mr Horton is charged with for the trespass in the common park in 1699 - £10


    So what is not sett is valued at £70 but may be worth £60 yearly.

    Some improvement there is in that which is in leafe and also in stocking meadow.


    Mr Horton for that part of the house and demesne which he lets in 1699 - £150

    And for the reversion of the grass on the Common Park which Mr Corbett turned him over to pay my master, Mr Corbett having otherwise allowed my master £10.

    For the trespass of Mr Horton - £10.

    So Mr Horton is to pay in all - £170

    Out of which several deductions is claimed by Mr Horton upon the agreement he made with Mr Corbett as taxes £40 of Abatement £20 tythes, fencing Ridding as by Mr Horton's note of Account appeared.



   Francis Jones alias lately holds by lease for two lives his house and the parcells following viz the middle leasow the yards the coppy the ffellows leasow, a quarter of stocking meadow and a slang of ground on the side of the moore, in all 7 parcells for £14 rent

 and he holds out of lease the Bolt meadow £7 rounds the bank the prings and white leasows in 2 parcells, in all 6 pieces for the rent of £13

 And he is to pay now tythe hay for what is in leafe for he pays in all the yearly rent of £27


 Mr Thoma Dawes holds in lease for a yeare's expied where of 99 is one 4 pieces viz Rithings Banks mill meadow little Rithings and the lower Rithings now by the hay to be paid £14

 He pays also of chief rent out of Mr Kynaston's lands in his holding £13 and for a swine crate 2d - 00..01..03


 Mr Thomas Dawes pays also for part of stocking meadow - 02..05..00


 Humphrey Done pays also for one part of stocking meadow and noe tythe - £2

 And for his tenement - £6


 John Aire for part of stocking meadow when he grassed it £3 but mowed he pays 3s 4d more for tythes in all - 03..03..04


 And he pays for another part of stocking meadow 30s but when he mowes it 2s.6d. more in all - 01..12..06


 Randle Bradshaw for his tenement and meadow ground -- £09..00.00


 Thomas Reeve for a cottage and croft - 00.00..06

 Griffith Edwards a cottage for nothing he being very poor and old.



 Total Rent in Stanwardine 1699 - £239.10.07



1700 - Paid for a paire of working oxen which John the Husbandman bought at Wrexham ffaire. - £09.09.00


            Paid Swanwick for carriage of chaires to Stanwardine as by note and acquittance - £01.17.00


            To  Mr Pope as directions for finding a deed for a book to write my master's rent roll for the year 99 herewith delivered: 00:02:00


            Paid Roger the Mason his charges 2 journeys to Stanwardine in May in taking measue of the chimney piece and the other in setting the grate in the parlour being 3 nights and 4 days - 00:02:00


            Paid Ffoulk Williams his wages for one year ending June the 21th 1700 - 04:00:00

            And his board wages for 24 weeks ended June 16th 1700 - 03:12:00


            Paid Thomas Edwards the labourer for 94 days worke whereof 55 in the garden and hopyard since new year's day at 7d per diem for 14 days and 8d for 80 days fee what work he did in the particular and his acquittance - 03:01:00


            Paid Ffoulke Williams what he laid out for small things as by note and acquittance - 00:14:03


            Paid a thatcher 3 days 1/2 and daughter 1 day at 14d a day - 00:04:06


            Paid My Wicherley's wife for washing 55 napkins table clothing sheets towells


            Paid the Smith his bill and acquittance


            Paid Edward Davies for 4 daies threshing Barley and one dau he and wife winnowing.


            Paid Patrick for 13 days in garden and hopyard.


            Paid Randle Bradshaw then for work done at Stanwardine as particulars and acquittance.


            Paid Patrick at Watstay for mowing hay at Stanwardine and for making as by acquittance.


            Paid then Roger of Hugh for 15 days of provision at Stanwardine in setting the chimney piece and grates as by acquittance at 60 per diem.


            Paid Robin Cadwallader for 13 days at 1/2 a shilling of Roger of Hugh in setting the chimney piece as by acquittabce at 40d per diem.


            Paid Robert the Brickmaker for making 190 thousand of bricks at Stanwardine as by acquittance. - £13


            Paid Roger the mason for 6 days  at Stanwardine.


            Paid William the Gardiner for 5 days in pruning there 2s6d and for leather 6d as by note.


            Paid then to labourerd for mowing and making of hay and other work till August the 6th since I accounted in June last as by note and acquittances - £03


            Given by order to the 100 yeare old man.


            Given by orders to the Ringers of Baschurch.



            Paid Chester the Groomoe what he paid for 6 halters - 00:03:

            and what he paid for Brushes and Rubbers for the coach - 00:00.

        Paid for 5 thousand of latts at £10 per thous and carriages - : 02:15

            Paid William Roberts what he paid at Stanwardine for provisions 1.9.6 and for changing 2 dishes 5s as by acquittance - £01:14

            Paid Mrs Horton for butter and cream 15s and for cheese 4s.00 - 00:19:

            Pd her more for 2 cheeses sent to Watstay weighing 65lb at 2d1/2 a lb - 00:13:

            Paid Mr Robert Oulton for 3 measures of mault had for ale and beere - 00:14

            Given by order to Mrs Kinaston of Oately's Keeper - 00:02

            Paid then to my lord of Bangor as by acquittance to be disposed as my master directed. - 05:00

            Paid for the hay for Anno 99 in Egboysvach - 01:00

            Paid Owen Williams for 4lb of hopps he delivered , brewed

            Paid John Edwards what he paid for ii hobbetts of lime.

            Paid him for what he paid for 37 foot of Sycamore Boards at a id a foot for the house - 00:03

            Paid him what he paid for 15 stacks of straw. - 00:15

            And for 13 horse loads anf i bottle at 18d a load to thatch part




            Paid Harry the Smith as by bill and acquittance - 00:18:00


            Paid for 2 bills for from nails and other things                      


            Paid labourers, Carpenters and masons and the gardiner as  by particluer contained in  a sheet of paper subscribed by them and John Edwards being half a year's account - £29:08:


            Paid for 100 sheep being weathers a year old which with 7 of my master's old sheep sent to Croseorin in Manbrothen, nothing to be paid for their keeping they cost about a peice some more  some lep as by note  - £19:18


            Paid for 27 head of cattle as by an account of them appears and comes to - £39:04:


References: Following Images are from the Rental Books of the Wynnstay Estate for 1699 and 1700 held at the National Library of Wales.