Relatives who served in the First World War

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Date of Death


George Henry Goldie

14th September 1914

Killed during retreat from Mons.

Miles Radcliffe

12th December 1914

Killed by a sniper at Kemmel.

Robert Waddell-Dudley

15th April 1915

Killed by a trench mortar near Ypres.


Barre Herbert Goldie

19th April 1915

Killed in a cavalry charge near the Suez Canal.

John Christian Barber

16th June 1915

Killed during attack near Hooge.

George Barré Goldie Simpson

6th to 9th August 1915

Killed in action at Gallipoli.

John Rookhurst Platt


27th March 1916

Killed by a shell whilst acting as a Forward Observing Officer beside Hill 60.

Edmond Wellesley


30th April 1916

Killed by a shell at 9.30pm on the Canal bank near Ypres.

Henry Evelyn Arthur Platt


15th May 1916

Killed whilst wiring outside Railway Wood, Ypres.

Launcelot Lindsay Brook Dunlop

3rd July 1916

Killed during attack on Thiepval in the Battle of the Somme.

Charles Douglas Reid


15th July 1916

Killed during attack on High Wood in the Battle of the Somme.

Charles Dean Prangley

25th September 1916

Killed by a shell on the advance on Gueudecourt during the Battle of the Somme.


Peter Watson Reid


20th March 1917

Killed near Arras

Lionel Sydney Platt

13th April 1917

Killed during aerial combat near Vitry-en-Artois.



Barre Dudley Forbes Goldie

23rd June 1917

Killed near Aldershot.

William Eric Brook Dunlop

19th May 1917

Killed by a bomb at Monchy-le-Preux.

Arthur James Dashwood Torry

9th October 1917

Killed in aerial combat near Mendighem.

Robert Ainslie Hamilton

28th March 1918

Killed by a machine gun at Rossignol Wood, Somme


Samuel Roberts Radcliffe

30th April 1918

Received the DSO in January 1918 for the capture of Jerusalem.

Died in hospital. Buried in Kantara War Cemetery, Egypt.


Frank Vivian Radcliffe


15th June 1918

Driver for the British Red Cross.


Edward McCosh

26th September 1918

Served with the Glasgow Highlanders as an officer from the outset of the First World War being very nearly one of the few of the originals to make it through the war. He died of wounds received in action when he was hit by a rifle grenade in France.

Maurice Cedric Platt


22nd November 1918

Sub-Lieutenant in Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Hawke Bn. R.N. Div. (Antwerp). Died of heart failure following pneumonia at The British Legation, The Hague, Holland.




Those who survived:



William Reid Hall


23rd July 1968

Served in 2nd Denbighshire Yeomanry from October 1914 and became a Captain, and was the Regimental and then Brigade Signals Officer.

William Taylor-Jones


Served in 24th Bn

Manchester regiment as a 2nd Lieutenant where he became its adjutant.

Alexander Kirkwood Reid

21st March 1948

Became Commander of the Glasgow Highlanders during WW1.

Henry Cecil Franks

1st February 1955

Served in the Royal Fusiliers where he took part in the Battle of the Somme and then became an officer in the Lancashire Fusiliers where he won the MC for an attack on an enemy post at Turenne Crossing near Houthulst Forest.


Gerald Wellesley


Served in Royal Fusiliers and then the Suffolk Regiment.


John Ernest Hodder Platt

5 Oct 1960

Served in Coldstream Guards. Moved to Italy after the War.



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