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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceDatabase
A Pache?stanwardine
C Pack-Beresford1945stanwardine
M Pack-Beresford1949stanwardine
Tristram Anthony Pack-Beresford8 MAY 190729 MAY 1981The Tansey Baily County Dublin, Republic of Irelandstanwardine
Alberta Victoria Sarah Caroline Paget7 AUG 186322 AUG 1944stanwardine
Frances Jane Paget2 MAY 1817London26 AUG 1903Ulcombe, Kentstanwardine
Henry PagetAFT 1637DECEASEDstanwardine
Penelope PagetABT 1635ABT 1659stanwardine
Thomas PagetABT 1544AFT JAN 1590stanwardine
William PagetABT 1585stanwardine
William Paget16091678stanwardine
Anne Palmer16 FEB 1742/1743stanwardine
Elizabeth PalmerBEF 1731stanwardine
Mary PalmerBEF 17238 AUG 1757stanwardine
Thomas 4th Bt. PalmerBEF 1706stanwardine
A Parkerstanwardine
C Parkinsonstanwardine
Anne ParrABT 1476Of, Kendal, Westmorland, England4 NOV 1513stanwardine
Anne PARRKendall, Westmoreland, England20 FEB 1551/1552Baynard's Castle, London, Middlesex, Englandstanwardine
Catherine Parr1512Kendal Castle, Kendal, Westmoreland, England1549Sudley Castle, Sudley Manor, Gloucestershire, Englandstanwardine
Maude ParrABT 1470London, Middlesex, Englandstanwardine
Thomas PARR1486Kendal, Westmorland And Parr, Prescott, Lancashire, England12 NOV 1517stanwardine
William Parr1434Kendall, Westmoreland, Englandstanwardine
William ParrABT 1465Kendall, Westmoreland, Englandstanwardine
William PARR14 AUG 1513Kendal, Westmorland, England28 OCT 1571Warwick, Warwickshire, Englandstanwardine
Cloderic the Parracide473509stanwardine
Ann Parry1825Liverpool13 MAR 1888145 North Hill Street Toxteth Park, Lancashire, Englandstanwardine
M Parrystanwardine
S Parry1976stanwardine
Edith Mary PartingtonBEF 17 JAN 1874Prestwich, Lancashire, England1936Heywood 8a 698stanwardine
Emma Partington18 AUG 1878Prestwich, Lancashire, EnglandMAR 1953Oswestrystanwardine
Eric PartingtonMAR 1922Reddish, Cheshire1969Poolestanwardine
James Edward PartingtonBEF 12 MAR 1876Prestwich, Lancashire, Englandstanwardine
Thomas Partington1847Prestwich, Lancashire, EnglandBEF 1901stanwardine
L Patchstanwardine
L Patchstanwardine
L Patchstanwardine
L Patchstanwardine
L Patchstanwardine
O Patchstanwardine
A Paterson1959stanwardine
C Paterson1986stanwardine
E Patersonstanwardine
F Paterson1983stanwardine
Kathleen Paterson1903stanwardine
M Paterson1989stanwardine
Emma Grace Patrickson18481924stanwardine
E Patteshallstanwardine
D Paulinastanwardine
J Paulinastanwardine
U Paulinastanwardine
L Paulusstanwardine
L Paulus35 BC14 ADstanwardine
M Paxtonstanwardine
G Paynelof Holsworthy, Devonshire, Englandstanwardine
Ralph Paynelof Dudley, Worcestershire, EnglandBEF 1153stanwardine
M Peace1954stanwardine
C Harvey1973Greenwich, Londonstanwardine
Sarah Ann PeartABT 1799St Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex, Englandstanwardine
M PEDILLAstanwardine
Archibald Peebles11 AUG 1888Bangalore, IndiaDEC 1980Hillingdon, Greater Londonstanwardine
Enid Anne Duncuft Peebles20 SEP 1930Cheltenham, Gloucestershirestanwardine
Katherine Louise Peebles17 OCT 192310 SEP 1954Moor Park, Londonstanwardine
Charles Wicksted Ethelston Peel18731873stanwardine
Edmund Peel182627 MAR 1903stanwardine
Edmund Owen Ethelston Peel13 JUL 189321 MAR 1935stanwardine
Edward Robert Ernest Ethelston Peel28 AUG 1926stanwardine
Ernest Ethelston Peel6 JUN 1884stanwardine
E Peelstanwardine
Herbert Wicksted Ethelston Peel4 NOV 188113 MAR 1915stanwardine
Hugh Edmund Ethelston Peel13 NOV 1871stanwardine
Hugh William Jardine Ethelston Peel7 OCT 192017 FEB 1945stanwardine
John Ethelston Peel11 APR 1912stanwardine
Linda Peel16 FEB 1880stanwardine
L Peelstanwardine
Margaret Anne Peel15 JUN 1923stanwardine
J Peelestanwardine
R Peelestanwardine
S Peggstanwardine
A Pendreystanwardine
E Pendrey1932stanwardine
Pamela Pendrey14 JUN 1930stanwardine
II Pepin635Heristal, Leige, Belgium16 DEC 714Jupile on the Musestanwardine
III Pepin715Austrasia24 SEP 768St. Denis, Francestanwardine
Andrew Percival1809Prestwichstanwardine
James Percival1829Prestwich, Lancashire, EnglandJUL 1902Rochdale, Lancashirestanwardine
James PercivalBEF 7 JAN 1777stanwardine
J Percivalstanwardine
John PercivalBEF 18 APR 1779Prestwich, Englandstanwardine
Margaret PercivalBEF 23 JAN 1785Prestwich23 JUL 1867Prestwichstanwardine
Nathan PercivalBEF 19 NOV 1752Prestwich, Englandstanwardine
*Maude de PERCY1338Seamer, North Riding, Yorkshire, ENGBEF 18 FEB 1378/1379Raby, ENGstanwardine
Agnes de PercyUNKNOWNstanwardine
Alan de PercyUNKNOWNstanwardine
Aliamore or Eleanor de PercyABT 1315stanwardine
Alice de PercyUNKNOWNstanwardine
Anastasia PERCYABT 1210Alnwick, ENGstanwardine
Ellen de PercyUNKNOWNstanwardine
Geoffrey de PercyUNKNOWNstanwardine
Henry PERCYABT 123029 AUG 1272stanwardine
Henry PERCY25 MAR 1273Alnwick, Northumberland, ENG10 OCT 1314Fountains Abbey, ENGstanwardine
Henry PERCY6 FEB 1299/1300Alnwick, ENG26 FEB 1351/1352Alnwick, ENGstanwardine
Henry PERCY1320?; of Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland, ENG18 MAY 1368stanwardine
Henry de PercyUNKNOWNstanwardine
Hugh Percy20 APR 179511 FEB 1847stanwardine
Ingelram de PercyABT 1244stanwardine
Isabel de Percy1368stanwardine
Joan de PercyUNKNOWNstanwardine
Jocelin de PercyUNKNOWNstanwardine
John de Percy12701293stanwardine
Margaret de Percy2 SEP 1375Gyng, Buttsbury, Essex, Englandstanwardine
Margaret de Percy1375stanwardine
Maud de PercyABT 1335Warkworth Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland, EnglandBEF 18 FEB 1379Englandstanwardine
R Percystanwardine
R Percystanwardine
Thomas de Percy1369stanwardine
Walter de PercyUNKNOWNstanwardine
William de PercyUNKNOWNstanwardine
William de PercyAFT 13021355stanwardine
W Percystanwardine
William de PERCYABT 1185Alnwick, Northumberland, ENG28 JUL 1245stanwardine
Constanza Perez1354, Castrojeriz, Burgos, Spain24 MAR 1394, Leicester, Leicestershire, Englandstanwardine
A Perrersstanwardine
F PerryWoodrooff, Co Tipperarystanwardine
Matilda Perry1133Yorkshire, EnglandDECEASEDstanwardine
S PerryWoodrooff, Co Tipperarystanwardine
PetronillaABT 780stanwardine
Mary Caroline Louisa Thomas Petty-Fitzmaurice17 SEP 1927stanwardine
Helen Peverel1116Owestrie, Shropshire, EngDECEASEDstanwardine
Eleanor ferch Philip1318Coed, Cardiganshire, Walesstanwardine
E Philipsstanwardine
Bernice Aileen Phillips28 OCT 1893Mabton, Yakima, WA16 AUG 1974Baker City, Baker, OR (stroke)stanwardine
Charles Milton Phillips4 OCT 1904Mabton, Yakima, WA9 MAR 1956San Jose, CAstanwardine
Clarrie Sarilla Phillips15 FEB 1852Roxbury, Cheshire, NH17 APR 1852Roxbury, Cheshire, NHstanwardine
Clayton Phillips26 DEC 1877Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MO27 DEC 1877Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MOstanwardine
Clayton Seymore Phillips21 JUN 1847Roxbury, Cheshire, NH16 FEB 1888Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MOstanwardine
Clinton Phillips27 FEB 1906Mabton, Yakima, WASEP 1978Spokane, Spokane, WAstanwardine
Clinton Seville Phillips30 NOV 1849Roxbury, Cheshire, NH18 FEB 1870Miller County, MOstanwardine
Dora Belle Phillips29 JAN 1867Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MO30 APR 1871Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MOstanwardine
Elvira Phillips26 DEC 1877Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MO27 DEC 1877Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MOstanwardine
Eva Francis Phillips20 NOV 1870Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MO9 FEB 1873Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MOstanwardine
Florence Ethel Phillips5 AUG 1895Mabton, Yakima, WA5 JAN 1905Baker City, Baker, ORstanwardine
Frederick Augustus Phillips19 FEB 1869Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MO7 MAY 1964Baker City, Baker, OR (heart attack at 95)stanwardine
Ina May Phillips24 FEB 1875Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MO23 MAR 1934Yakima, Yakima, WA (of cancer)stanwardine
Joseph Phillips27 JUN 1908Seattle, King, WA16 MAR 2002Seattle, King, WAstanwardine
Joseph Clinton Phillips11 DEC 1879Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MOSeattle, King, WAstanwardine
Joseph Shattuck Phillips11 MAR 1820Roxbury, Cheshire, NH17 SEP 1863Miller Co, MO (of wounds received at battle of Helena, AK)stanwardine
Milton Sergent Phillips15 FEB 1853Roxbury, Cheshire, NHAFT 1888stanwardine
Myrtle Gracie Phillips22 AUG 1882Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MO13 DEC 1953Seattle, King, WAstanwardine
Oliver Morton Phillips17 JUN 1877Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MOstanwardine
Paul Raymond Phillips26 SEP 1906Baker City, Baker, OR23 AUG 1908Baker City, Baker, ORstanwardine
Ruth Irene Phillips29 DEC 1901Mabton, Yakima, WA3 AUG 1956Palo Alto, CAstanwardine
Sara Jane 'Sadie' Phillips17 MAY 1873Tuscumbia, Miller Co, MO4 JUL 1959Grandview, WAstanwardine
Tilton Shattuck Phillips4 NOV 1860Miller Co, MO16 JAN 1917Mabton, Yakima, WAstanwardine
Wayne Everett Phillips1 MAR 1898Mabton, Yakima, WA4 JUN 1968Baker City, Baker, ORstanwardine
Wendell Clayton Phillips30 JAN 1901Mabton, Yakima, WA25 NOV 1901Mabton, Yakima, WAstanwardine
Amy Phipps18761959stanwardine
J Phipps1975stanwardine
J Phipps1977stanwardine
J Phipps1942stanwardine
Margery PICMEREABT 1323Picmere, Cheshire, EnglandAFT 1369Stapleford, Cheshire, Englandstanwardine
Roger De PicotABT 1085Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, EnglandDECEASEDstanwardine
E Piggott1978stanwardine
Vida Elaine Piggott14 MAY 1929stanwardine
Hamo PincernaABT 1094Sefton, Lancashire, EnglandDECEASEDstanwardine
A Pinchengistanwardine
Louis I "the Pious"25 SEP 778Casseneuil, Leige, Aquitaine, France22 JUN 840Mainz, Ingelheim, Germanystanwardine
A Pisostanwardine
Arrius Antoninus(Caesennius Paetus) Piso037ADBET 116 AND 119stanwardine
G Piso65 AD; political suicide forced by Nerostanwardine
L Pisostanwardine
L Pisostanwardine
M Pisostanwardine
M Pisostanwardine
A Piso)100stanwardine
Pompeia Augusta Plotina (Phoebe Piso)Nimes, Gallia Narbonensis in abt 0080129stanwardine
Bertha De PitresABT 1130Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Englandstanwardine
Berthe (Nmn-Walter) Pitres1070Frampton, Gloucestershire, EnglandBEF 1091stanwardine
Henry De PitresABT 1128Of Gloucester, Gloucester, EnglandEnglandstanwardine
Mabel De PitresABT 1129stanwardine
Mahel De PitresABT 1132Of Gloucester, Gloucester, EnglandDECEASEDSp, Englandstanwardine
Maud Fitzwalter De PitresABT 1088Frampton, Gloucestershire, Englandstanwardine
M Pitresstanwardine
Miles De Pitres1092Glouster, Gloustershire, England24 DEC 1143Forest Of Dean, Shot By An Arrowstanwardine
Roger De PitresABT 1118Of Gloucester, Gloucester, England1155Englandstanwardine
Roger De Pitres1045Bal DE Pitres, France1089Gloucestershire, Englandstanwardine
Walter De PitresABT 1124Gloucester, Gloucester, EnglandEnglandstanwardine
William De PitresABT 1128Of Gloucester, Gloucester, EnglandBEF 1166Englandstanwardine
Antoninus PiusSeptember 19, 086 AD in Lanuvium7 MAR 161Loriumstanwardine
Galla PlacidiaABT 390Rome, Italy27 NOV 450Rome, Italystanwardine
*Henry IV Plantagenet30 MAY 1367Bolingbroke Castle, Lincolnshire, ENG20 MAR 1412/1413Westminster Palace, London, ENGstanwardine
*Katherine PlantagenetBET 6 JUN 1372 AND 31 MAR 1373Hertford, ENG2 JUN 1418Valladolidstanwardine
*Richard of York PlantagenetABT SEP 1375Conisbrough Castle, ENG5 AUG 1415Southampton Green, Hamshire, ENG; beheadedstanwardine
Afonso Plantagenet24 NOV 1273Bordeaux19 AUG 1284Windsor Castlestanwardine
A Plantagenetstanwardine
Alice Plantagenet12 MAR 1278/1279Woodstock1291stanwardine
Anne Plantagenet10 AUG 1439Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire, England14 JAN 1476stanwardine
Anne PlantagenetAPR 1470at sea off Calaisstanwardine
Antigone PlantagenetBEF 1421stanwardine
Beatrice PlantagenetABT 1286Aquitaine?; youngstanwardine
Beatrice Plantagenet1275stanwardine
Berengaria PlantagenetMAY 1276KenningtonABT 1279stanwardine
Blance Plantagenet25 MAR 134530 SEP 1369Bolingbroke Castle, ENGstanwardine
Blanche Plantagenet25 MAR 134112 SEP 1368Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire, Englandstanwardine
Blanche PlantagenetABT 1297Grismond Castle, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, England10 JUL 1380stanwardine
Blanche Plantagenet25 MAR 1345<, Lancaster, Lancashire, England>30 SEP 1369, London, Middlesex, Englandstanwardine
Blanche PlantagenetMAR 1341/1342Tower of LondonMAR 1341/1342Tower of Londonstanwardine
Blanche PlantagenetABT 1290infancystanwardine
Blanche PlantagenetABT 1305stanwardine
Catherine Plantagenet14 AUG 1479Eltham Palace, Kent, England15 NOV 1527Tiverton Castle, Tiverton, Devon, Englandstanwardine
Catherine Plantagenet1374Hereford, Herefordshire, England2 JUN 1418Valladolid, Castilla y Leon, Spainstanwardine
Catherine PlantagenetBEF 31 MAR 1373<, Hertford, Hertfordshire, England>2 JUN 1418stanwardine
ch PlantagenetABT 1269stanwardine
Constance Plantagenet1374Conisbrough Castle, Conisbrough, Yorkshire, England28 NOV 1416Reading, Berkshire, Englandstanwardine
Constance PLANTAGENETABT 1374?; of Castle, Conisbrough, Yorkshire, ENG28 NOV 1416Reading, Berkshire, ENGstanwardine
Edmund PlantagenetABT 13761415Agencourt; killedstanwardine
Edmund "Crouchback" Plantagenet16 JAN 1244/1245England5 JUN 1296Bayonne, Francestanwardine
Edward Plantagenet1365<, Leicester, Leicestershire, England>stanwardine
Edward Plantagenet21 FEB 1475Warwick Castle, England28 NOV 1499Tower Hill, Englandstanwardine
Edward Plantagenet1364stanwardine
Eleanor PlantagenetABT 1311Grismond Castle, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, England11 JAN 1370/1371Arundel Castle, Arundel, Sussex, Englandstanwardine
Eleanor PlantagenetABT 17 JUN 1264Windsor Castle12 OCT 1297Ghentstanwardine
Eleanor PlantagenetABT 1202ENG1275stanwardine
Eleanor Plantagenet1316?; of Woodstock22 APR 1355stanwardine
Eleanor PLANTAGENET1311Grismond Castle, Monmouthshire, England11 JAN 1371/1372Arundel Castle, Sussex, Englandstanwardine
Elizabeth Plantagenet14441503stanwardine
Elizabeth Plantagenet1364<, Leicester, Leicestershire, England>24 NOV 1426, Burford, Shropshire, Englandstanwardine
Elizabeth PLANTAGENET7 AUG 1282Rhuddlan Castle, Flintshire, WalesABT 5 MAY 1316Quendon, Essex, ENGstanwardine
Elizabeth PlantagenetBEF 21 FEB 1363/1364Leicester Castle, ENG24 NOV 1425Burford Church, Shropshirestanwardine
Elizabeth PLANTAGENET7 AUG 1282Rhuddlan Castle, Flintshire, Wales5 MAY 1316Quendon, Essex, Englandstanwardine
Elizabeth of Lancaster Plantagenet1365Burford, Shropshire, England1426stanwardine
Geoffrey V PLANTAGENET24 AUG 11137 SEP 1151stanwardine
George Plantagenet21 OCT 1449Dublin19 FEB 1478Tower of Londonstanwardine
George of Clarence Plantagenet21 OCT 1449Dublin Castle, England18 FEB 1478the Tower, Englandstanwardine
Henry PlantagenetABT 1300Grismond Castle, Monmouth, England14 MAR 1360/1361Leicester Castle, Leicester, Leicestershire, England. Plague (Black Death)stanwardine
Henry PlantagenetABT 1281Grismond Castle, Monmouthshire, England22 SEP 1345Monastery of Cannons, Englandstanwardine
Henry Plantagenet30 MAY 1366Bolingbroke Castle, Bolingbroke, Lincoln, England21 MAR 1413Westminster Palace, Westminster, Middlesex, Englandstanwardine
Henry Plantagenet?; of Almaine1271Vitebro; slainstanwardine
Henry Plantagenet13 JUL 1267Windsor14 OCT 1274Merton, Surrey, ENGstanwardine
H Plantagenet?; d. youngstanwardine
Henry PLANTAGENETABT 1281?; of Grismond Castle, Monmouthshire, ENG22 SEP 1345Monastry of Cann, ENGstanwardine
Henry PLANTAGENETABT 1281Grosmont Castle, Monmouthshire, England22 SEP 1345Leicester, Englandstanwardine
Henry PlantagenetABT 1312Grosmont Castle, Monmouthshire, England24 MAR 1360/1361Leicester, Englandstanwardine
Henry II PLANTAGENET5 MAR 11326 JUL 1189stanwardine
Isabel Plantagenet1411Conisbrough, Yorkshire, England2 OCT 1484stanwardine
Isabel PlantagenetABT 1368stanwardine
I Plantagenetstanwardine
I Plantagenetstanwardine
Isabella PlantagenetABT 1317stanwardine
Isabelle PlantagenetABT 1317Grismond Castle, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, England1 FEB 1345/1346stanwardine
Joan PlantagenetABT 1320Grismond Castle, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, England7 JUL 1349stanwardine
Joan PlantagenetJAN 1264/1265SEP 1265stanwardine
Joan PlantagenetABT FEB 1334/1335Woodstock, ENG2 SEP 1348Bayonne, France; died of the Black Deathstanwardine
Joan PLANTAGENETABT MAR 1271/1272(Acre, Palestine), Akko, Hazafon, Israel23 APR 1307Clare, Suffolk, ENGstanwardine
Joan PlantagenetABT 13127 JUL 1345stanwardine
Joanna Plantagenet22 JUL 1188London, Middlesex, England2 FEB 1236/1237Aber, Walesstanwardine
Joanna [XE15] Plantagenet5 JUL 1321Tower of London, ENG7 SEP 1362stanwardine
John PlantagenetABT 1284DECEASEDFrancestanwardine
John Plantagenet1364<, Leicester, Leicestershire, England>BEF 1366stanwardine
John Plantagenet24 JUN 1340Abbaye St. Bavon, Ghent, Flanders, Belgium, Netherlands3 FEB 1399Castle, Leicester, Leicestershire, Englandstanwardine
John Plantagenet10 JUN 1266Winchester or WIndsor, ENG; or Jul 10, 1266ABT 1 AUG 1271Westminster, ENGstanwardine
John Plantagenet25 AUG 1316?; of ElthamOCT 1336stanwardine
J Plantagenet?; d. youngstanwardine
J PLANTAGENETstanwardine
Julian PlantagenetABT 1271Holy LandHoly Land; infancystanwardine
Katherine Plantagenet1257stanwardine
Margaret Plantagenet14461503stanwardine
Margaret PLANTAGENET14 AUG 1473Farleigh Castle, Bath, Somersetshire, England28 MAY 1541Executed, Tower Hill, London, Middlesex Co., Englandstanwardine
Margaret Plantagenet20 JUL 1346WindsorAFT 1 OCT 1361stanwardine
Margaret Plantagenet11 SEP 1275Windsor CastleABT 1318Brusselsstanwardine
Margaret of Salisbury Plantagenet14 AUG 1473Farley Castle, near Bath, Somerset, England28 MAY 1541Tower Green, London, Englandstanwardine
Mary PlantagenetABT 1320Grismond Castle, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, England1 SEP 1362stanwardine
Mary Plantagenet10 OCT 1344Waltham (near Winchester), ENG1361stanwardine
Mary Plantagenet11 MAR 1277/1278Windsor CastleBEF 8 JUL 1332Amesburystanwardine
Mary PlantagenetABT 1320ABT 2 SEP 1362stanwardine
Maude PlantagenetABT 12985 MAY 1377Campsey Abbey, Suffolkstanwardine
O Plantagenetstanwardine
O Plantagenetstanwardine
Philippa Plantagenet13601415stanwardine
Philippa Plantagenet31 MAR 1360, Leicester, Leicestershire, England19 JUL 1415, Sacavém, Lisboa, Portugalstanwardine
Phillippa Plantagenet31 MAR 1360Leicester19 JUL 1415Odivelas, near Lisbonstanwardine
Richard Plantagenet6 OCT 1476Tewkesbury, England1 JAN 1477Warwick Castle, Englandstanwardine
R Plantagenet?; d. youngstanwardine
Richard PLANTAGENET5 JAN 1208/1209Winchester, Hampshire, ENG2 APR 1272Berkhampsted, Berkampsted, Hertfordshire, ENGstanwardine
Thomas PlantagenetABT 127622 MAR 1320/1321Beheaded At Pontefract, Yorkshire, Englandstanwardine
Thomas Plantagenet1322stanwardine
W Plantagenet?; of Cornwallstanwardine
William PlantagenetBEF 16 FEB 1336/1337?; of Hatfield, ENGBEF 8 JUL 1337stanwardine
W Plantagenet?; d. youngstanwardine
Joan PLANTANTAGENETABT 1187London, ENG30 MAR 1236Aberconway (Court of Aber), Arliechwedd Isal, Wales; or Feb.stanwardine
Algernon John Frederick Platt11 JUN 187522 SEP 1912Lochmaddy, North Uist, Scotlandstanwardine
Alice Platt21 OCT 18537 JUL 1931stanwardine
Alice Platt2 FEB 182211 JUN 1823stanwardine
Alice May Angela Platt8 MAY 1885Oldham, Lancashire4 NOV 1973Lymington, Hampshirestanwardine
Amy Gwendoline Platt14 APR 1862stanwardine
A Plattstanwardine
Brenda Jeanette Platt7 MAY 1880Sutton In The Wold, Yorkshire27 OCT 1935Mitford, Norfolkstanwardine
Cecil Sherman Platt1 AUG 1877Sutton on Forest, Yorkshire.5 JAN 1900Died In Active Service, Ladysmith, Natalstanwardine
Charles PlattMAR 1831Saddleworth, YorkshireAPR 1915Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashirestanwardine
Charles John Frederick Platt1 SEP 1907Newark4 FEB 1943Train Crash, Aleppo, Syriastanwardine
C Plattstanwardine
Cicely Noel Platt24 DEC 1915Walpole St, Chelsea21 MAR 2002Marlborough, Wiltshirestanwardine
Edith Platt31 JUL 1848Hartford House, Oldham23 MAR 1882Leckhampton Court, Leckhamptonstanwardine
Eira Gwendolen Platt30 JUL 1887Llanfairfechan, Caernarvonshire, Wales23 NOV 1979Paris, Francestanwardine
Elizabeth Platt14 APR 18333 NOV 1907stanwardine
Emily Bertha Platt11 JUN 18581950Witherslack, Grange-over-Sands, Lancashirestanwardine
Enid Mary Eleanor Platt12 FEB 1896Llanfairfechan, Caernarvonshire, Wales27 AUG 1975Grosvenor Court, Sloane St, Londonstanwardine
Eric James Walter Platt15 NOV 1871Gorddinog, Caernarvonshire, Wales13 OCT 1946Gorddinog, Caernarvonshire, Walesstanwardine
Florence Sarah Louisa Platt11 MAR 18604 FEB 1937stanwardine
Francis Platt28 FEB 1833Saddleworth, Yorkshire, England27 JUN 1908Tecumseh, Lenawee, Michigan, USAstanwardine
Frederick Platt27 APR 1849Oldham, Lancashire22 SEP 1906Barnby manor, Newark, Nottinghamshirestanwardine
George Platt20 APR 1735stanwardine
Gladys Violet Eleanor Platt8 JUL 1876Aberdaron, Caernarvonshire, Wales1 NOV 1921Market Drayton, Shropshirestanwardine
Hannah Platt1761Woolroad, Saddleworth, West Riding, Yorkshire, England24 FEB 1824Woolroad, Saddleworth, West Riding, Yorkshire, Englandstanwardine
Hannah Platt22 NOV 1778Dobcross, LancashireBEF 23 FEB 1801stanwardine
Hannah Platt14 JAN 180511 FEB 1805stanwardine
Hannah Platt3 JUN 1806stanwardine
Hannah Shaw Platt15 SEP 1817Saddleworth, St Chad, Yorkshire, England6 FEB 1890Southport Lancashire, Englandstanwardine
Henry Platt3 MAY 1773BEF 2 DEC 1797stanwardine
Henry Platt29 MAR 18301841stanwardine
Henry Platt17 DEC 1732ButterworthBEF 9 JUN 1817Dobcross, Lancashirestanwardine
Henry Platt26 DEC 1842OLDHAM Lancashire England13 OCT 1914Gordinnog, Walesstanwardine
Henry Platt20 MAR 1793Dobcross, Lancashire11 NOV 1842Oldhamstanwardine
Henry Evelyn Arthur Platt13 SEP 1884111 Queens Gate, Kensington, London15 MAY 1916Railway Wood, Ypres, Killed In Actionstanwardine
Henry John Heylyn Platt19 AUG 186912 JUL 1893Drowned at Baramuula, Kashmirstanwardine
James Platt19 OCT 1729stanwardine
James Platt18 OCT 1768Dobcross, Lancashire18 OCT 1839Dobcross, Lancashirestanwardine
James Platt13 APR 1791MAR 1864Saddleworth, Yorkshirestanwardine
James Platt11 DEC 1823Oldham, Lancashire27 AUG 1857Ashway Gap, Saddleworth Moor, Derbyshirestanwardine
James Edward Platt12 DEC 1856OLDHAM Lancashire England20 SEP 192817 Park Lane, Middlesexstanwardine
Jane Platt27 OCT 181920 JUL 1820stanwardine
John Platt28 FEB 1723BEF 12 JUL 1754Butterworthstanwardine
John Platt3 MAR 178918 OCT 1866Middlesexstanwardine
John PlattBEF 20 FEB 1765Butterworthstanwardine
John Platt23 FEB 1767Dobcross, SaddleworthBEF 28 JAN 1830Dobcrossstanwardine
John Platt15 SEP 1817Oldham, Lancashire18 MAY 1872Hotel Le Meurice, Parisstanwardine
John Ernest Hodder Platt16 JUL 18805 OCT 1960Alassio, Savona, Liguria, Italystanwardine
John Evelyn Platt18 JUN 19123 APR 1960Cuernavaca, Mexicostanwardine
John Evelyn Luca Blaise Platt24 SEP 1930Beechwood Nursing Home, Guernsey20 OCT 2002Savona, Italystanwardine
John Harold Platt17 MAY 1855Oldham, Lancashire20 DEC 191296 Belgrave road, Middlesexstanwardine
John Rookhurst Platt15 MAY 1890Oldham27 MAR 1916Hill 60, Ypres, Killed In Actionstanwardine
Joseph Platt30 DEC 1797Saddleworth, Yorkshire, EnglandFEB 1870Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashirestanwardine
Joseph Platt20 FEB 181616 MAR 1845stanwardine
Joseph Arthur Platt29 JAN 1852Oldham, Lancashire27 APR 1907Tettenhall Towers, Wolverhamptonstanwardine
Lionel Sydney Platt1 OCT 1885Wilton Crescent, Belgravia13 APR 1917Vitry-en-Artois, Killed In Action, Shot Downstanwardine
Louisa Platt4 JUN 1835Oldham, Lancashire28 FEB 1904stanwardine
Lucy Jane Platt27 MAR 184727 DEC 1908stanwardine
Lydia Platt18271858stanwardine
Margaret Florence Platt8 MAR 1901Newark15 FEB 1934Hertfordshirestanwardine
Mary Platt29 JAN 1744BEF 20 SEP 1746stanwardine
Mary Platt5 MAY 1771Dobcross, LancashireBEF 4 OCT 1796stanwardine
Mary Platt3 FEB 184422 AUG 1875Brooklands, Southportstanwardine
Mary Platt16 JUL 179526 JUN 1808stanwardine
Mary Platt23 SEP 1808stanwardine
Mary Alice Platt17 JUN 182818 OCT 1903stanwardine
Maurice Cedric Platt11 NOV 1892Oldham, Lancashire26 NOV 1918British Legation The Hague Hollandstanwardine
Nancy Quenelda Platt6 JUN 1895Chester, Cheshire28 APR 1993Harpsden, Oxfordshirestanwardine
Nestor Mary Platt24 JUL 1873stanwardine
Nora Alice Platt25 NOV 1904stanwardine
R Plattstanwardine
Samuel Radcliffe Platt1 JUL 1845Oldham, Lancashire, England5 SEP 1902Yacht Norseman, Menai Straits, Bangorstanwardine
Sara Margaret Helen Platt19 DEC 1927stanwardine
Sarah Platt30 NOV 1740stanwardine
Sarah Platt10 MAR 1776stanwardine
Sarah Platt19372000stanwardine
Sarah Platt1 FEB 18027 JUN 18695:50amstanwardine
Sarah Ann Platt21 NOV 182519 SEP 1851stanwardine
Suzanne Deborah Elsie Platt24 JAN 1908Knightsbridge, London30 DEC 1989Bexhill, East Sussexstanwardine
Sydney Platt2 FEB 1861stanwardine
Thomas Platt22 OCT 1737stanwardine
PlectrudeABT 666697stanwardine
Adelica Belvoir De PlessisABT 1014Plessis, Normandy, FranceDECEASEDstanwardine
Arthur Pole1496Ialeworth, Middlexex Co., Englandstanwardine
Geoffrey Pole1431Medmenham, Buckingham Co., England1474Monastery Bisham, Berkeley, Englandstanwardine
Geoffrey Pole1501Lordington, Sussex Co. England1558stanwardine
Henry PoleABT 1495Ellesborugh, Buckinghamshire Co., England9 JAN 1537beheaded Tower Hill, London, Middlesex Co., Englandstanwardine
Reginald Pole1499Ialeworth, Middlexex Co., England12 NOV 1558stanwardine
Richard POLE1462Medmenham, Buckingham Co., England18 DEC 1505stanwardine
Ursula POLE1504Of, Ialeworth, Middlesex, England12 AUG 1570Englandstanwardine
Emily Smith PollardJAN 1861Preston, Lancashire, England13 JUN 1903Westmorland, United Kingdomstanwardine
A Pollockstanwardine
J Pollock1934stanwardine
John King Pollock23 MAY 1896Stratton, Cornwallstanwardine
N Pompiliusstanwardine
Humphrey De Pontaudemer975Pontaudemer, Normandy, France28 SEP 1044Normandy, Francestanwardine
A Poolestanwardine
A Poolestanwardine
I Poolestanwardine
K Poolestanwardine
R Poolestanwardine
W Poolestanwardine
R PopeShrewsbury, Englandstanwardine
Adela Portal7 APR 1818Freefolk, Hampshire, England28 JUN 1870stanwardine
C Portalstanwardine
George Raymond Portal28 FEB 18273 APR 1889stanwardine
John Portal29 APR 17647 MAY 1848stanwardine
Melville Portal31 JUL 181824 JAN 1904stanwardine
Robert Portal7 NOV 182024 DEC 1888stanwardine
Wyndham Spencer 1st Bt. Portal22 JUL 182214 SEP 1905stanwardine
D Porter-Thomasstanwardine
Lula M. Powell2 AUG 1879Dixie, ID19 FEB 1970Baker City, Baker, ORstanwardine
V Powellstanwardine
Elizabeth Poyntz1851stanwardine
Margaret PoyntzABT 1510stanwardine
Margaret Georgiana Poyntz27 APR 1737Midgam House, Berkshirestanwardine
Alexander Douglas Prangley1871Salisbury11 OCT 1943Bilbao, Spainstanwardine
Alice Elizabeth Prangley1869Salisbury26 OCT 1933Bournemouthstanwardine
Alice Mary Prangley19 OCT 1911Downham, Norfolkstanwardine
Bernard Archbould PrangleySEP 1903Ormskirk, Lancashire26 MAR 1963Chester, Cheshirestanwardine
Bernard Noel PrangleyOCT 1878Salisbury23 JAN 1955Bournemouthstanwardine
Charles Dean Prangley16 MAR 189790 Harley Street, London25 SEP 1916Killed In Action, Advance on Gueudecourt, Francestanwardine
Charles Thomas Prangley5 FEB 1832Salisbury, Wiltshire15 MAR 1885Wiltshirestanwardine
Charles Wilton Prangley23 APR 1863Milford, Wiltshire26 OCT 1928Norfolkstanwardine
Clara Mabel Prangley19 MAY 1872Salisbury9 FEB 1939Bournemouthstanwardine
Douglas George PrangleyJUN 1906OrmskirkSEP 1912Ormskirk, Lancashirestanwardine
Francis Prangley1873Salisbury1948Queensland, Australiastanwardine
Frank Archbould Prangley1897Ormskirk, LancashireDEC 1898Ormskirk, Lancashirestanwardine
George Dean PrangleyJUN 1866Salisbury12 APR 1942Crosby, Lancashirestanwardine
Gertrude Brenda Prangley10 APR 1901Ormskirk, Lancashire21 MAY 1984Exeter, Devonstanwardine
Gertrude Elizabeth Prangley25 MAR 1904Potter Heigham, Norfolk5 NOV 1983Saltwood, Kentstanwardine
Norah Prangley1875Salisbury4 APR 1960Bournemouthstanwardine
Ruth Gertrude Prangley1867Marylebone, London19 OCT 1937Crosby, Lancashirestanwardine
Ruth Mabel Archbould PrangleyJUN 1899Ormskirk, Lancashire7 JUL 1977Ormskirkstanwardine
Thomas Reid Prangley4 AUG 1906Potter Heigham, Norfolk1952stanwardine
Prasutagusa.d. 60stanwardine
Daphne Constance Price10 OCT 1904Knebworth, Hertfordshire14 AUG 2004stanwardine
Lillian Hammersley Price18541909stanwardine
Elizabeth Pridmore181512 DEC 1868Stamford, Lincolnshire (7a-169)stanwardine
Henry Pridmore1830Lincolnshirestanwardine
John Pridmore1791stanwardine
Martha Pridmore1821stanwardine
William Pridmore1816Lincolnshirestanwardine
Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales20 SEP 1486Saint Swithin's Priory, Winchester, England12 APR 1502Ludlow Castle, Shropshire, Englandstanwardine
Edward "The Black Prince", Prince of Wales15 JUN 1330Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England9 JUN 1376Westminster Palace, London, Middlesex, Englandstanwardine
Isabella, Princess of Castile1341Morales, Tordesillas, Villadolid, Spain1402Langley, ENG; bur. datestanwardine
Anne Plantagenet, Princess of England14791512stanwardine
Elizabeth of York, Princess of England11 FEB 1466Westminster Palace, London, Middlesex, England11 FEB 1503Tower of London, The City, London, Englandstanwardine
Isabel Plantagenet, Princess of England13321382stanwardine
Margaret Tudor, Princess of England28 NOV 1489Westminster Palace, London, Middlesex, England18 OCT 1541Methven Castle, Perth, Scotlandstanwardine
Mary Rose Tudor, Princess of England18 MAR 1495/1496Richmond Palace, Surrey, England24 JUN 1533stanwardine
Catherine de Valois, Princess of France27 OCT 1401Hotel De St Pol, Paris, Seine, France3 JAN 1437London, Greater London, Englandstanwardine
Isabella of Valois, Princess of France1373stanwardine
Isabella, Princess of France9 NOV 1389Hotel du Louvre, Paris, France13 SEP 1409Château of Blois, Centre, Francestanwardine
Joan, Princess of France1373stanwardine
Elizabeth (Isabella), Princess of SicilyABT 130921 MAR 1349stanwardine
C Prinsloo1989stanwardine
C Prinsloostanwardine
J Prinsloo1991stanwardine
M Prinsloo1992stanwardine
B Procillastanwardine
Richard ProutyABT 1646stanwardine
Isabel Pryce4 NOV 1894Berrigan, New South Wales, Australia3 DEC 1971Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australiastanwardine
M Puttenhamstanwardine
B (Bridge)stanwardine