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1 G Madoc

      Spouse: G Tudor    Marriage:

    2 Tudor Fychan ap Goronwy, Lord of Pemmynydd Died: 1367

       Spouse: M Thomas    Marriage:

     3 Meredudd ap Tudor Died: 1406

        Spouse: M David    Marriage:

      4 Owen Tudor Born: 1400 Snowdon, Carnarvonshire, Wales Died: 2 FEB 1461

         Spouse: Catherine de Valois, Princess of France    Marriage: ABT 1429

       5 Owen Thomas Edward Tudor Born: 1429  Died: 1502

       5 Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond Born: 1430 Hadham, Befordshire, England Died: 1 NOV 1456 Carmarthen Castle, Carmarthenshire, Wales

          Spouse: Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby    Marriage: 1 NOV 1455 Bletsoe Castle, Bedfordshire, England

        6 Henry VII Tudor, King of England Born: 28 JAN 1457 Pembroke Castle, Pembroke, Wales Died: 21 APR 1509 Richmond, , Surrey, England

           Spouse: Elizabeth of York, Princess of England    Marriage: 18 JAN 1486 Westminster Abbey, London, Greater London, England

         7 Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales Born: 20 SEP 1486 Saint Swithin's Priory, Winchester, England Died: 12 APR 1502 Ludlow Castle, Shropshire, England

            Spouse: Catherine of Aragón    Marriage: 14 NOV 1501 Saint Paul's Cathedral, London, England

         7 Margaret Tudor, Princess of England Born: 28 NOV 1489 Westminster Palace, London, Middlesex, England Died: 18 OCT 1541 Methven Castle, Perth, Scotland

         7 Henry VIII Tudor King of England Born: 28 JUN 1491 Greenwich Palace, Greenwich, Kent, England Died: 28 JAN 1547 Whitehall Palace, London, England

            Spouse: Anne of Cleves    Marriage: 6 JAN 1540 Greenwich Castle, Kent, England

            Spouse: Catherine Parr    Marriage: 12 JUL 1543 Hampton Court Palace, Richmond England

            Spouse: Catherine Howard    Marriage: 28 JUL 1540 Hampton Court Palace, London Borough of Richmond u

            Spouse: Catherine of Aragón    Marriage: 11 JUN 1509 Greyfriars Church, Newgate, London, England

          8 Mary I Tudor, Queen of England Born: 18 FEB 1516 Greenwich Palace, Kent, England Died: 17 NOV 1558 Saint James' Palace, London, Greater London, England

            Spouse: Elizabeth "Bessie" Blount    Marriage: BEF 1519

          8 Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset Born: 15 JUN 1519 Blackmore, , Essex, England Died: 22 JUL 1536 St. James Palace, London, Middlesex, England

            Spouse: Mary Berkeley    Marriage: BEF 1528

          8 John Perrot, Lord Deputy of Ireland Born: NOV 1528 Wales Died: 1592 Tower of London, The City, London, England

            Spouse: Anne Boleyn, Marchioness of Pembroke    Marriage: 25 JAN 1533 Westminster Abbey, London, Greater London, England

          8 Elizabeth I, Queen of England Born: 7 SEP 1533 Greenwich Palace, Kent, England Died: 23 MAR 1603 Richmond Palace, Surrey, England

            Spouse: Jane Seymour    Marriage: 20 MAY 1536 York Castle, Yorkshire, England

          8 Edward VI, King of England Born: 12 OCT 1537 Hampton Court Palace, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, England Died: 6 JUL 1553 Greenwich Palace, Kent, England

         7 Mary Rose Tudor, Princess of England Born: 18 MAR 1495/1496 Richmond Palace, Surrey, England Died: 24 JUN 1533

         7 Katherine Tudor Born: 10 FEB 1503 Tower of London, The City, London, England Died: 11 FEB 1503 Tower of London, The City, London, England

       5 Jasper Tudor, Duke of Bedford Born: 1431  Died: DEC 1495

          Spouse: Katherine Woodville    Marriage: BEF 7 NOV 1485

       5 Margaret Tudor Born: 1437  Died: 1437

         Spouse: Unknown Mistress    Marriage: AFT 1438

       5 David Owen Born: 1459  Died: 1535