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Matilda Princess Of Scotland
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OCT 1079 Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland
Malcolm III "Ceannmor (Great Head)" of Scotland
Margaret "Atheling" of England
Henry I Beauclerc (King of England 1100-1135) 11 NOV 1100 Westminster Abbey, London, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth Princess Of England
Born: 1095 Talby, Yorkshire, England
Euphamia Of England
Born: JUL 1101 Winchester, Hampshire, England
Died: ABT 1102 England
Son Prince Of England
Born: JUL 1101 England
(Matilda) MAUD
Born: 7 FEB 1101 Winchester, Hampshire
Died: 10 SEP 1167 Notre Dame, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France
Matilda "The Empress" Princess Of England
Born: FEB 1102/1103 London, Middlesex, England
Died: 10 SEP 1167 Notre Dame, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France
William "Atheling" England
Born: BEF 5 AUG 1103 Selby, Yorkshire, England
Died: 26 NOV 1119 Wreck Of White Ship At Sea
Richard England
Born: ABT 1105 England
Died: 26 SEP 1119 At Sea, Barfleur, Manche, France
Adelaide Of Angers
Born: ABT 1112 Normandy, France
1 MAY 1118 Westminster, London, Middlesex, England aged 39
JUN 1118 Church Of St Pet, Westminster, Middlesex, England
Name Suffix: [Princess]
Ancestral File Number: 8XJ0-JL
1 NAME Matilda Of /Scotland/
2 GIVN Matilda Of
2 SURN Scotland
1 NAME /Atheling/
2 SURN Atheling

Brian Tompsett:

"Some say she is buried at Winchester."
Weis' "Ancestral Roots. . ." (1:23), (121:25).

Princess of Scotland. She was born Edith. Her descent from the English kings made her a natural candidate to marry Henry. When she married him, there was controversy because she had spent time at the abbey of Wilton under her aunt, the abbess Christina, in about 1093, and it was claimed that she had worn the veil as a nun. She denied that she had been a nun and instead claimed that she had worn the veil as a ruse to deflect the attentions of William Rufus. William of Malmesbury claimed that her marriage was a love match on the KingÕs part.

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