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Roger De Montgomery
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BET 1052 AND 1056 Alencon, Orne, France
Roger De Montgomery
Mabel De Talvas D' Alencon
8 MAY 1131 1102 Deprived Of English Lands & Exiled To France By Henry I aged 75
Name Suffix: 3rd Earl Shrewsbury
1 NAME Robert II De /Belleme/
2 GIVNRobert II De
2 SURN Belleme

Shrewsbury, Earldom of: Under the system then prevailing the Earldom passed to an elder brother, Robert de Belleme, who constructed Bridgnorth Castle and continued the family policy of harrying the Welsh. He rebelled against Henry I and in 1102 was deprived of the Earldom of Shrewsbury/Shropshire, together with his English and Welsh estates. [Burke's Peerage, p. 2604]


According to Winston Churchill in "A History of the English Speaking People", the Montgomeries (a very great house of Norman England) sided with Robert, Duke of Normandy, against his brother Henry I, in the war of succession after William Rufus, William The Conqueror's designated heir for England was killed in a hunting accident [in which Henry I was involved--some think more than an "accident"].Henry I destroyed the power of the Montgomeries starting in September, 1100. He captured Robert in Normandy in the battle at Tinchebrai and combined England and Normandy again.


Seigneur de Belleme and Alecon.

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