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Simon II de Saint Liz
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AFT 1103 of Northamptonshire, England
S Liz
Matilda of Huntingdon
AUG 1153 aged 50

5th Earl of Huntingdon, 4th Earl of Northampton. He controlled the honor of Fotheringay inherited through his mother fron 1146 until his death in 1153, bearing the title of earl of Huntingdon and Northampton. The honor of Fotheringay then passed to the descendants of his motherÕs second marriage to King David I of Scotland, though SimonÕs son, Simon, retained the earldoms. He was a minor at his fatherÕs death. He became a ward of his stepfather, earl David, until the latter became King of Scotland, when he was given to his greatuncle, Stephen, count of Aumale. He became a strong adherent of Stephen in the civil war, like David, and before 1141 he was recognized as earl of Huntingdon. He fought for Stephen at Lincoln on February 2, 1140/41. He founded Sawtrey Abbey in Huntingdonshire in 1146 or 1147, as Simon, earl of Northampton. Robert, earl of Gloucester, said of him that Òhis acts never reached beyond speeches nor his gifts beyond promises.Ó He was also described as Òfull of all things unlawful and unbecoming,Ó but CP comments that Òthese aspersions on his character are disproved by his life.Ó

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