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Duncan II of Scotland
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Malcolm III "Ceannmor (Great Head)" of Scotland
Ingibjorg Finnsdottir
12 NOV 1094 Mondynes, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

King of Scotland, May, 1094-12 Nov 1094. He had been sent to English court of William the Conqueror as a guarantee that Malcolm would not attack England. Duncan was never to forgive his father for this action. When Malcolm died his brother, Donald ÒBaneÓ seized the throne. With English support, Duncan deposed his uncle. However, only six months later Duncan was killed at the battle of Mondynes, Aberdeenshire), by an army led by his own half-brother Edmund and Donald ÒBane.Ó Some sources report that Donald ÒBaneÓ murdered him. He was buried at Dunfermline Abbey.

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